John Lennon Comes back to “Allerton in August”

Agreement in principle has been reached with Laura Lian the sculptress of this beautiful statue of John Lennon to bring it to Penny Lane for the remainder of the summer and autumn especially to commemorate his 80th Birthday and the day he was shot.

The 1st of August kicks off a month of activity led by councillors, traders and community groups to get the business and residential communities going again in the Liverpool 18 area.

Not only are we having a series of events at weekends but we are also looking in the longer term at a series of projects including making some changes in the pavement and road layouts to allow more pavement cafes and to allow easier pedestrian movement about the area. We also are preparing a Beatles Heritage trail which will encourage people to walk the area and can now confirm that we will be bringing a 6ft. high bronze statue of John Lennon to the area firstly to the Penny Lane Development Trust and then, hopefully, later to a site outside St Barnabas Church.

Our events package is designed to make Penny Lane, Rose Lane and Allerton Road the premier destination for leisure activities in South Liverpool.

We are working with Allerton in Bloom to create a green corridor from Penny Lane to the Library and to develop a small garden area in The Square.

To make sure that we are doing the right things we have circulated surveys to more than 10,000 local homes to which we received more than 600 replies which shows that local people want to eat out and enjoy facilities more in the area that they can walk or cycle to. They also want to use more independent stores

We have also held two meetings virtually with traders and business people. They have now set up their own association to take things forward.

The heart would be knocked out of our area if the shutters came down permanently on local businesses on our major shopping streets and there is a determination from the local community, traders with support from the Council that this will not happen.

You can help the area and its traders by using these local traders who keep our High Street going and pay their taxes and spend their profits locally.

Events in August

1st August        9 – 1.   Farmer’s Market and community stall, Allerton Road

8th August       10 – 4  Craft Fair, Mansion House, Calderstones Park

15th August     9 – 1     Farmers Market and community stall, Allerton Road

29th August     11- 4     Craft Fair and Beatles themes weekend, Penny Lane Development Trust

All day. Food and Drink Festival along Allerton Road which will be attended by the Lord Mayor, Cllr Anna Rothery.

Unveiling of the Lennon Statue – to be announced!

About richardkemp

Leader of the Liberal Democrats in Liverpool. Deputy Chair and Lib Dem Spokesperson on the LGA Community Wellbeing Board. Married to the lovely Cllr Erica Kemp CBE with three children and four grandchildren.
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