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Leader of the Liberal Democrats in Liverpool. . Deputy Chair and Lib Dem Spokesperson on the LGA Community Wellbeing Board. Married to the lovely Cllr Erica Kemp CBE with three children and four grandchildren.

Crack down on none tax-paying and unregistered private landlords

Developments like this and a glut in older terraced properties caused by new student accommodation emptying traditional areas are leading to many unlicensed and untaxed properties in places like Liverpool Recent revelations about the property market in Liverpool have led … Continue reading

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How much might we lose over the stalled developments in Liverpool?

From left to right: Councillor Gary Millar, Simon Law of Hong Kong Homes, and Peter McInnes of North Point Global I have recently received a number of e-mails from desperate investors from people in Hong Kong and parts of the UK … Continue reading

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UKIP is a Freak Show but the BREXIT debate is even worse!

This lot are reaching the end of the line but it’s fear of them that is still preventing Labour and Tory Parties from having a  rational debate about Brexit. I discovered two things on Radio 4 this morning – that … Continue reading

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More Bad International Publicity for Liverpool

Local band the Lightning Seeds who were due to play at the Hope & Glory Festival have now moved to the Zanzibar this evening I recklessly did a none-political, hopefully amusing blog this morning which I concluded by saying that … Continue reading

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So That’s Why I Like a Fight!!!

Did my ancestors wear one of these I thought to myself after a third gin and tonic on the train home!! One of the problems with spending a lot of time on the train, as I did during July, was … Continue reading

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Super-Dooper Pooper-Scooper Snooper scheme plan is illegal

So the great move forward from the beloved Leader of Liverpool Mayor Anderson has made us all a laughing stock. We will just have to train the dogs to clear up after all! So now we have it folks. The … Continue reading

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The Health Debate – Learning from the USA!!

Can we learn from this loathsome reptile the way to have a debate on health by doing the exact opposite of what he does?! No, I haven’t quite taken leave of the few senses that I have when I suggest … Continue reading

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