Long-term change in Northern Ireland thanks to the Alliance Party

An almost invisible consequence of the EU elections was the powerful message sent out in Northern Ireland when Alliance Party Leader Naomi Long was elected as the first none-sectarian politician to represent the whole of Northern Ireland

One of the stories that has been missed by most of the media is the massive change in the make up of politics in Northern Ireland caused by the surge in Alliance Party support. The Alliance Party is the sister party of the Lib Dems in Northern Ireland. Lib Dems do not campaign there but many Alliance Members are members of the dormant branch of the Lib Dems there. Similarly, I am a member of the British branch of Alliance. We are both member Parties of ALDE, the Association of Liberal Democrat Parties of Europe.

I was so pleased with the result that I was going to blog about it. Then I saw one much better than I could write from Lord Alderdice. John is a former Leader of Alliance, a Belfast Councillor, Lord Mayor of Belfast and Member of the Stormont Assembly.

He is also a Lib Dem member of the Lords and during many of the Coalition days was convenor (Leader) of the Lib Dem Peers.

This is what he said about the result announced on Monday.

“It was an absolutely stunning result! but the result is clear – Alliance Leader, Naomi Long  was the second of the three MEPs elected for Northern Ireland. Not only is that the best Alliance result – by any parameter – in its 49 year history, it also means that Northern Ireland, which elected three men to the European Parliament in the first direct elections in 1979 (Ian Paisley, John Hume and John Taylor), will now be represented by three women MEPs (Martina Anderson, Diane Dodds and Naomi Long).

Coming so soon after the exceptional success of Alliance in the recent Local Government Elections, this is a clear demonstration of change. Not only did many pro-Remain unionist voters move to Alliance, but the slump in Sinn Fein votes did not go to the nationalist SDLP, they went to Alliance as well. Along with a healthy vote for the Greens – many of which transferred to Alliance – it is clear that in this election Northern Ireland is not only majority pro-Remain, but it is also moving beyond a simple unionist/nationalist split.

As I pointed out in my Belfast Telegraph interview last year, there are now three significant cohorts in the population and Alliance no longer sees itself as being there principally to bring the political parties from the ‘two sides’ together but to give a voice to a growing component of post-unionist/post-nationalist young (and older) people. This is a very significant election indeed, especially since it builds on the remarkable recent Alliance surge which brought a whole raft of next generation Alliance young people into council seats across the province.

However, while it is an absolutely remarkable result in political terms, and one which is not out of line with wider developments in the rest of the UK and beyond, it also marks a watershed social change in Northern Ireland. Naomi Long is not just an Alliance politician, she is also a Presbyterian who has stood out publicly against the increasing fundamentalism in her own denomination. In the past this could well have damaged her politically. However, as the Presbyterian Church in Ireland gathers for its annual General Assembly next week after a tumultuous year of public fall-out, with The Queen’s University of Belfast withdrawing academic recognition from its training college and profound discontent evidenced in slumping congregations, Alliance’s Naomi Long has given its clergy and elders much to ponder over.

Northern Ireland is changing remarkably rapidly and the continuing Brexit process may yet have more drama in store”.

About richardkemp

Leader of the Liberal Democrats in Liverpool. Deputy Chair and Lib Dem Spokesperson on the LGA Community Wellbeing Board. Married to the lovely Cllr Erica Kemp CBE with three children and four grandchildren.
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  1. David Poole says:

    Suggest you read the thought provoking article below by Prof Chris Grey (ex Warwick & Cambridge, now at Royal Holloway) on social trends with election statistics. See :-

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