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Jeremy Corbyn will NOT be the next Prime Minister

The old saying about opera is, “It’s not over until the Fat Lady sings’. In this case it’s Tony Blair doing the singing! As Tony Blair said yesterday the election really is over. There is no realistic chance of Labour … Continue reading

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Labour – They’re dead but they won’t lie down!!

David Millband the ‘lost’ Leader of the Labour Party who told us today that Labour is further away from power than at any time in the last 50 years. As so often happens when I consider the still twitching carcase … Continue reading

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Olde Kempe’s Almanack for 2017

There is only one world. Internationalists like the Lib Dems understand that and want to work in partnership with others to preserve it and support all who live on it. Supercharged by my newly found cosmic role as ‘Best Grandpa … Continue reading

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There are really only 2 candidates in the Liverpool Mayoral election

The ballot papers will soon be out in the Liverpool Local Elections With some amusement I turned today to the Liverpool Echo opinion poll for the Mayoral election in Liverpool. There were four horses heavily loaded with candidates (in one … Continue reading

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So now its ‘Game On’ for the Liberal Democrats

After a dignified and revealing election we now have a new Leader. Of course as most people know I voted for Tim Farron but it really would not bothered me one jot if Norman Lamb had won. What the election … Continue reading

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Who will defend the poor in the UK? – Not Labour

We can all now see the things that Nick Clegg prevented We expect bad things for the poor from the Tories. They like the idea of their being an underclass whose can be exploited for low pay and poor conditions. … Continue reading

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