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We must act NOW to support children’s mental health services

 Tomorrow I am at a conference about how we transition young people with mental health problems from their youth status into the adult mental health system. I’ll be speaking in part of it and chairing another part of. This Conference, … Continue reading

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A Farcical Meeting but with largely the right outcomes

At yesterday’s Council meeting we had a mixture of anger, dissembling and just misleading statements from the Mayor of Liverpool but eventually he revealed that he agreed with the Lib Dems on two crucial issues Where should I start with … Continue reading

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Let’s stop people getting ill – A radical policy for health & social care

When the late,great Ken Dodd sang his most well-loved song, “happiness”and made people happy he was singing about the most important thing in our lives that keeps us from needing the NHS If I wanted to make a controversial statement … Continue reading

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Too many children look like this because they eat too many of this type of product and drink too much sugary drinks. Burgers and chips need to be treats and not part of a staple diet The number of children … Continue reading

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We must break the Power of Whitehall and Westmonster.

The people who prattle in this building and work in the Ministries that surround it control too much of our lives. Liverpool and the other major cities of England will never flourish until we break the power of Whitehall and … Continue reading

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Health and Care funding is a total shambles

When Liberal MP William Beveridge wrote the seminal report on the development of a National Health Service, which Labour then implemented, the health conditions and the type of society were very different from those of today The Prime Minister has … Continue reading

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The debt that the NHS and the Country owes to immigrants

I was so pleased to see Dr Shiv Pande MBE recognised in an article in the i-newspaper for his service to our City and our Country I was delighted to be reading a copy of the i-newspaper yesterday to see … Continue reading

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