Climate Change and Liverpool – Lib Dems suggest action not words

There are plenty of places owned by the council, other parts of the public sector, the private sector and individuals where more trees could be planted to lock up carbon and improve air quality.

Motions to Liverpool City Council – 26th January 2022

Liverpool has talked for long enough about the problems of climate change but has done very little about it. Our air quality is poor, our recycling rates dreadful, and our renewable energy regeneration well under what it could be.

We have asked many times for actions. At the last two meetings we have raised issues about the City Plan which is woefully inadequate because it was produced pre-Brexit, pre-Covid-19 and pre-COP 26 Now we have decided that enough is enough. At every council meeting we will be placing motions for consideration relating to climate change.

Our environmental spokesperson, Cllr Alan Tormey, is continually raising items in committee and by questioning Cllrs and officers about existing and proposed policies.

We’re starting off with a bang and three motions from Cllr Tormey and I to the Council meeting on 26th January. None of these will be actually discussed at the council meeting but will be referred to the appropriate committee. We hope that Labour and other councillors will respond positively not just to agree with we say but to improve on it by bringing a range of other ideas and experiences.

Somehow, somewhere Liverpool must move from talk to actions. This is our attempt to kickstart the process.

Management of Liverpool’s Parks

Cllr Alan Tormey

Cllr Richard Kemp

Council welcomes the commitment made to the long-term ownership of our parks by the Council through its agreement with ‘Parks in Trust’.

It notes the great work being done in Parks such as Sefton Park, Greenbank Park, Walton Hall Park, Calderstones Park and Greenbank Parks and many others and the ongoing controversy about control of Springfield Park.

It believes that now is the time to consider more radical proposals to transfer the management of our Parks and other green spaces to community led organisations, normally the Friends of the Parks, if they are interested in taking over the management.

It believes that the development of local Parks Plans devised by and implemented by Friends Groups or other social enterprises would lead to:

  • Better management of the Parks
  • Better use of the Parks to meet local demand
  • Better appraisal of how different parts of parks could be used for different purposes such as park schools, allotments or limited rewilding.
  • More investment in our parks through the ability to raise cash from external funders.

It therefore requests the Mayor to commission a report on the issues raised here and the options available to the Council in transferring the management of Liverpool’s Parks to the communities which use them and live by them.

Use of Liverpool’s land for environmental purposes

Cllr Richard Kemp

Cllr Alan Tormey

Council notes that the City Council specifically and the public sector generally are major owners of land in the city. It believes that how such land is used could provide valuable assistance towards a range of COP 26 objectives including:

  • Food sustainability
  • Air quality
  • Environmental education

It therefore requests the Mayor to commission a report of all public sector land in the City with a view to looking at areas that could see

  • Provision of allotments and communal food growing projects
  • Planting of trees
  • Rewilding
  • Park Schools
  • Education programmes

It requests the Chief Executive to place this motion on the agenda of the organisations who promote the City Plan with a view to seeking their cooperation for such a report and an in-principle acceptance of the aims of this motion.

Oglet Shore and Green space

Richard Kemp

Alan Tormey

Council notes the continuing campaign to save the Oglet Shore and environs as a permanent green space.

It believes that this area could provide a unique river/riverbank/agricultural heritage area for Liverpool and Halton which would both benefit the local environment and could be used to promote strong mental and physical health activities.

It further believes that changing travel patterns caused by the pandemic will permanently affect travel patterns and there will be no need to expand Liverpool Airport even if such a proposal was environmentally desirable.

It therefore requests the Mayor to approach Halton Council with a view to both councils jointly commissioning a report to show how this area could be used for the above purposes on a permanent basis.

About richardkemp

Leader of the Liberal Democrats in Liverpool. Deputy Chair and Lib Dem Spokesperson on the LGA Community Wellbeing Board. Married to the lovely Cllr Erica Kemp CBE with three children and four grandchildren.
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1 Response to Climate Change and Liverpool – Lib Dems suggest action not words

  1. Paul says:

    Thanks Richard do back this up with some Data

    For example
    Most Labour Councillors only know the Buzz word Climate Emergency

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