The generosity of Scousers is stunning!!

My room is never very tidy but it’s usually better than this. It’s now stuffed with bags and boxes full of new and used stuff, all of high quality, to be delivered to organisations that support refugees on Tuesday.

On Thursday one of my residents contacted me to ask where he could drop some stuff for the Afghan Refugees coming to Liverpool. I replied, “drop them off at my house because I’ve got some stuff to take as well”.

I then thought that I would see who else might want some stuff taking down so I put a note on the ‘My Liverpool 18’ Facebook page. Within a couple of hours 6 more bags appeared!

I then went away for two days starting with some activities in Liverpool and then on to do some work in Durham. As I was on the train, I noticed a lot of activity on my email so I went through them and found a huge number of people who wanted to contribute.

I’ve now got a full front room and hall and I know that there is still more to come today and tomorrow. It’s not only the amount of stuff but the quality that is amazed. A lot of the children’s clothes are new or hardly used. Well kids grow so fast don’t they? But all the clothing that has been dropped off  for children, men or women young or old is in great condition and properly cleaned and ironed.

It’s not only clothes that have come in. New blankets, toys and books as well as high quality second hand stuff. There’s a whole load of toiletry and sanitary products that have been bought especially. There’s even a load of sweets and treats for the kids. (I have promised that I won’t even pinch one of them!).

Interestingly, every single one of the people who have been in touch with me with one exception is a woman. Is it the maternal instinct which makes women react so positively to other families and children in distress?

In this Country there is a lot of anti-foreigner sentiment largely caused by the Brexit movement who spread their foul lies about foreigners and the problems that they cause. These people make a hell of a lot of noise but they don’t represent the vast majority of people in this Country.

A true British spirit, if I tried to define it in such a way, is one of generosity and openness. They see a child in need and don’t see a burden to society but a child that needs help. They see Mums and Dads who risked all for our Country’s international interests and who they will not see jettisoned when they no longer are needed.

Of course, it’s not only Afghan refugees they care about but all refugees. Despite the ill effects of Brexit, which are making us poorer, we are still a wealthy Country who should be maintaining its global reputation by helping others. That’s waht most of know insticnitevly. The deadful approach of Johnson and Patel does not show our Country at its best and does not represent us accurately on the World stage.

If we are not being selfless about this, we should be selfish. The people that come to our Country are rarely a burden. They come to build a new life for themselves and their families. By doing so they bring vital skills and determination to our Country which we will all benefit from. These people will become an asset to our Country and not a burden.

What is true of our Country is also true of our City. Liverpool is a great City precisely because it is, “the World in One City”. Our melting pot of different people and different cultures is what is making Liverpool strong. Yes, we have problems here but the people now arriving will help us deal with hem and will make an even stronger Liverpool in the future.

More than one third of all the Councils in England have offered to help resettle Afghan refugees. With few exceptions they are led by Labour or Lib Dems. Many of them are already coping with problems but have a basic humanity and desire. The richest areas which have the most resources do little to help. I am sure that many of their residents want to help but the leadership of those councils can make Scrooge look to be the epitome of generous humanity.

Meanwhile back in Liverpool the warm-hearted generosity of my fellow Scousers makes me be proud to live here and represent some of them. So, as I now try to work out how to get all this stuff to people, I give my thanks to everyone who donated and who will continue to do so.

About richardkemp

Leader of the Liberal Democrats in Liverpool. Deputy Chair and Lib Dem Spokesperson on the LGA Community Wellbeing Board. Married to the lovely Cllr Erica Kemp CBE with three children and four grandchildren.
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  1. Paul says:

    Excellent Richard

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