Blood on the hands of American Republicans

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BREAKING: An immunocompromised Florida teacher who couldn’t get vaccinated because she was battling leukaemia dies of COVID after contracting the virus just days after being forced back to school by Governor DeSantis. RT IF YOU THINK DEATHSANTIS HAS BLOOD ON HIS HANDS!
27/08/2021, 05:12

A Florida teacher who couldn’t get vaccinated because of her cancer treatment died of COVID-19. Her union says she caught it from her classroom, which had no mask mandate.

Sometimes these days I believe that the USA only exists to make Brexiters look good! I get saddened at the behaviour of a small number of Anti-Vaxxers in this Country but the majority of them are people with no credibility or following such as Piers Corbyn or a small number of people who are on the side of unreason on almost every issue including, naturally, Brexit!

However, compare that with the United States of America. There are Governors of large states, all Republican, like Florida and Texas whose Governors stand by whilst the delta variant rages through their State.

There are Senators and Congress Members, all Republican, who secretly get vaccinated whilst proclaiming to their faithful followers that mask mandates, social distancing and vaccinations are not part of the “American way”.

There are pastors who preach to their congregations that God will protect them and that they don’t need a vaccination. Then they see death reap down their congregations because of a lack of social distancing. Mind you there are so-called Christian churches in the USA who encourage both gun use and the bringing of guns to church to be blessed!!

Arizona anti-masker tells school board ‘the science is ridiculous’ and declares ‘this is America’ as parents applaud

Then there are the parents who turn up to school boards and demand that their children be allowed to turn up and work at school without a mask seemingly oblivious to the fact that this could cause death or serious illness to their children and those around them like teachers and support staff.

Perhaps this is only to be expected given that they used to have a President that denied the science and suggested that Covid could be beaten by drinking bleach and shining a UV light up your backside! A president who thought that the virus was just the flu.

All this is leading to a surge in hospitalisations and deaths in Red (Republican) states where the Governors prefer to pander to a fascist and ill-informed rump rather than protect the majority.

Let’s just look at Mississippi. Only about 36 percent of Mississippi is fully vaccinated, the second-worst vaccination rate in the USA, above only Alabama. While Dobbs, the Chief Medical Officer, said he was encouraged by the recent increase of residents getting their first shots, he noted that 89 percent of hospitalizations and 86 percent of deaths in the state were among unvaccinated people.

The state’s worsening situation is playing out at its schools, where tens of thousands of students are in quarantine for possible Covid exposure after just one week of classes. Data submitted by about 800 schools to the Mississippi State Department of Health last week shows that 20,334 students — or 4.5 percent of the public school population — have already been affected in the early days of the school year. More than 4,500 students and 948 teachers and staff contracted the virus between Aug. 9 and Friday, according to the health department.

All that pain for so little gain!

Why should I care about what happens in a far and increasingly foreign Country? Because what happens in the USA frequently occurs a short time later in the UK. Yes, we don’t have the mouth foamers and the loopy churches. We do however, have a group of politicians of influence who do not follow the science. They do so at a time when things are going the wrong way and likely to get worse.

Covid-19 in the UK   

63.0% fully vaccinated

Daily cases


+1,709  v last week

In hospital


+473  v last week

Daily deaths


+27  v last week

Cases and deaths as published on 26 Aug, hospital numbers on 25 Aug. Vaccine rate is % total population to have received two doses by 25 Aug. Source: PHE.

It is absolutely true that the vaccination efforts have been a success. A huge majority of people in the older age groups have been double jabbed. This is especially true of the elderly and those at most risk where the vaccination rate is 90%+. But we are coming into a period when there are clear predictions that the infection, then hospitalisation and then death rates will start to rapidly rise on top of the persistent rise since England then the other Nations started to open again from mid-April.

The schools will go back; the offices will start to fill up again as people both return from holiday and some bosses insist on a return to the office; entertainment and leisure will move indoors as the weather gets colder and the nights get longer. It is true that not as many people will get hospitalised and then die but the numbers above will increase.

What is still unclear are two side effects of Covid. There is already evidence that for many people long-Covid is a continuing problem with 300k+ suffering effects after 12 months and 630k suffering effects after 3 months according to the NSO. On top of that there are the people who ‘recovered’ from Covid who have had a range of 9 internal organs weakened by Covid and who will die early. There is some evidence that this is beginning to happen but only time will tell how mortality rates will be influenced by these Covid after effects.

We should all be acting responsibly. Observe social distancing; get vaccinated if you haven’t done so and get a booster if one is recommended; get your flu jab; wear a mask inside and on public transport. These requests are not a capitulation to political correctness or a relinquishment of our civil liberties. They are simply a common sense way of keeping ourselves, our families and our communities safe.

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