One law for the Chavs and another for the Not-Chavs!

Buffoon Boris and his side-kicks, Javid and Patel clearly think there is one rule for them and one for the rest of us. The rest of us need to unite to say that we disagree. In the short-term we can do that by remembering hands, face, space.

This Tory Government is not known for its moral integrity. Huge amounts of cash have been given on mate’s rates contracts to people on a VIP procurement list which seems to consist solely of Tory donors. A Health Secretary who reminded us of hands, face and space while practicing hands, face and back to my place. A Tory Communities Secretary who, rightly as it happens, excoriates Liverpool under Joe Anderson for possible planning malfeasance, but had to apologise for ignoring civil service advice and granted planning permission to yet another Tory donor to save them £38 million in tax.

But the new Tory Health Secretary Sajid Javid and his odious boss Buffoon Johnson have set a world record in immorality after revealing that despite being pinged, they intend to carry on working. They are doing so because they have apparently been randomly selected to participate in a new daily testing regime. As the Actor, Ricky Tomlinson, might sagely remark, “my arse!”

Whether you believe in the testing and isolating regime or think it is a ludicrous reaction to what may be the latter stages of the pandemic we should all unite behind one clear theme. There should be one law and one set of rules which bind all of us mot one rule us and one for our masters. This is not democracy; it is feudalism in action.

Democracy works through the principle of community consent. We the people vote in a fair and free election for the people we want and the winner is allowed to govern. Of course, this is constrained in our system by the fact that we have an unfair electoral system that distorts that vote but leaving that aside we have had a system that worked most of the time for most of the people.

The other side of the bargain is that the Government governs for all of us and does, or at least tries to do, what it told us it would when seeking election. One country, one set or rules or laws, one set of obligations is at the heart of our ‘unwritten’ constitution and at the heart of Magna Carta.

My first concerns are that this will have severe health consequences for England. Hundreds of thousands of people will now step outside the ‘test, trace and isolate’ regime because that’s what the PM and Health Secretary. Many will use that as an excuse for not doing something that they think they should not have to do. Yet more will make the assumption that what they are being asked to do is unnecessary.

Yet the very fact that Javid has been double jabbed and yet still has Covid should cause us all to stop and think. No inoculation is perfect. The jabs being used now are 90% effective that means that 10% can still get it and therefore transmit it. They will get manageable symptoms and will, in most cases avoid hospitalisation and death but what about the people they have passed the infection on to?

What about the fact that, as I argued in my last blog, they can still face life changing things happening to their bodies in the short, medium and long-terms which they may be completely unaware of now.

There is already evidence beginning to come through in Scotland that the football events allowed have caused a spike in infections and similar evidence is beginning to emerge from all the Wembley events and crowd scenes. What Johnson and Javid will cause to happen is that there will be further unnecessary infections just because people look at them and say, “I will do as they do”.

This episode, though, is just another example of a two-level state in which a Government led by Bullingdon Club members and their ilk, believe that there is a right to rule for them and a right to be a serf for us. There are two current examples of this, both of which come from the loathsome Priti Patel and the Home Office

Firstly, there are the proposals to massively limit the right to protest. Complaining publicly about the Government is a basic right in a democracy. Of course, protestors must do so civilly and peacefully and say and do things in a none aggressive way. Of course, there may be further restrictions for health and safety reasons especially during the pandemic. Those conditions apart it is our right to be heard even if we cannot make our masters listen!

Secondly, there are proposals to make it harder both to vote and to register to vote. The incidence of fraud in UK elections is mind-blowingly small. Most of it occurs with postal voting abuse or with the collecting of signatures on nomination papers. Each year that a handful of legal actions amongst the tens of thousands of candidates and the millions of voters.

Legislation will mean that we need photo identity to vote. I have a passport and a driving licence but lots of young people have neither. Lots of people older than me had both but have not renewed them. The Tories are doing this because they believe it will electorally advantage them.   Actually, I think they are wrong but whether right or wrong we should be trying to get more people to vote and not limit the voters to ‘our’ people.

Whilst I am not a believer in a ‘Progressive Alliance’ there are issues on which none Tories should ally. Protecting the nation’s health and defending our hard-earned civil liberties are definitely two of them.

About richardkemp

Leader of the Liberal Democrats in Liverpool. Deputy Chair and Lib Dem Spokesperson on the LGA Community Wellbeing Board. Married to the lovely Cllr Erica Kemp CBE with three children and four grandchildren.
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