Imagine our Shopping areas with no shops!

We are hoping to bring this superb bronze of John Lennon, pictured here with Laura Lian its creator, to Penny Lane/Allerton Road in August or perhaps permanently

The next few months are going to be tough for our business people and they will need all the help that we can give them to stay afloat and hopefully thrive.  Imagine our area if most of the shops on Allerton Road, Rose Lane and Penny Lane, Woolton Village, Woolton Road and the Childwall Triangle closed because of lack of local support. The heart would be ripped out of our community.

In the past two months in Childwall, Allerton& Hunts Cross, Woolton and Liverpool 18 Lib Dem councillors have been talking to two sets of people.

  1. The business community to ask what help they require. The support we want to give is not just for the hospitality sector but for all businesses who provide a wide range of services to local people, employing local people and spending their profits locally often using other local businesses.
  2. The residential community to find out what services they require and what they are prepared to accept in terms of changes to their High Streets.

Local residents have made clear that they want to use independent businesses more, want a wider range of facilities and to be able to cycle and walk to the facilities.

The Government and the Council have been very receptive to ideas to get all our local businesses going again. The Council is using Government money for its City without walls initiative. Locally, we have been out and about on a number of occasions with council staff to look at where there is wasted space which could be used to help business development without damaging the area for local residents.

Liz and Andrew Makinson and I have been working with the Mayor and Council staff on a programme of activity to help our bars, cafes and restaurants and all businesses reopen but keep their customers safe and socially distancing. In the City Centre that has meant reducing traffic in some areas and extending pavement cafes. These are short term measures but we are also looking at more long-term ones. Huge numbers of people come to Liverpool come to Liverpool because of the Beatles yet near to the most famous Lane in the world there is little to tell them about the relationship between the Beatles and the neighbourhood.

This will include the provision of storey boards and improved signage. It may also include the long-term siting of a bronze statue of John Lennon on Allerton Road near Penny Lane.

We are working with Allerton in Bloom to create a Green corridor because we want our local shopping streets to be a pleasant place for local people and tourists alike to gather.

South Liverpool Times and Liverpool Link will be giving space over to full descriptions of the programmes that we are developing.

Our job as councillors is to deliver changes is to try and mediate not only between residents and traders but also to mediate within these groups. Not every trader wants there to be more pavement cafés for example and not every resident wants their provision to be restricted. This is something that we have to be careful of in our work. Sometimes its only the loudest shouters that get heard so we are going out of our way to ensure that every business and community voice is listened to.

So, residents and businesses need to watch this space to find out what is happening. Events currently planned on Allerton Road, Penny Lane & Rose Lane include:

1st August a Welcome to Allerton in August event covering Allerton Road, Penny Lane and Rose Lane including

A small Farmers Market

Music from a Jazz and Brass band

Lord Mayor Judging a ‘My Liverpool 18’ window display

8/9 August an L18 Business and Craft Fair to the rear of the Mansion House organised by the Reader Organisation. If you want to have a stall or for all details contact Anton Clarke at

15th August a Farmers Market with supplementary activities around Allerton Road, Penny Lane and Rose Lane

29th  August  A Beatles themed event at the Penny Lane Development Trust. For further details and to book a stall contact Julie Gornell at

Please note that all activities listed are correct at time of going to press but may be changed by legal requirements and safety and social distancing. Please watch local social media especially the ‘My Liverpool 18’ Facebook page for updates or contact your local councillors

We believe that action needs to be taken rapidly on all our High Streets to assist our local businesses. In Liverpool action is being considered in Childwall, Woolton, Aigburth Road and County Road as well as our own area. But this must not just be about short-term measures and pavement cafes. Society as a whole needs to think carefully about the future of our High Streets when the move to on-line buying has so accelerated.

Church Ward Councillors: Andrew Makinson, 07939 220336, Liz Makinson, 07939 119402, Richard Kemp  07885 626913 Woolton Ward Councillors: Barbara Mace,  07423 582335, Kris Brown    07742 144107, Malcolm Kelly     07921 044619 Childwall Councillors: Carole Storey 07743 943858, Alan Tormey 07415 435133 Allerton/Hunts Cross Councillor Mirna Juarez,    07954 434476

Warning to Under 35s

Public Health Officials are warning of a tick up in cases of coronavirus in S Liverpool in recent weeks. The NHS has had mobile testing stations out and are closely monitoring new cases.

It appears that young people generally are going out more (an who can blame them for that!) but are assuming that they are safe and so ignoring social distancing and other precautions.

Young people are being hospitalised in increasing numbers. Young people might recover very quickly from the virus or not even notice it but the virus might have damaged their immune systems or have caused changes to their brains, bronchial systems, liver, kidneys and heart.


About richardkemp

Leader of the Liberal Democrats in Liverpool. Deputy Chair and Lib Dem Spokesperson on the LGA Community Wellbeing Board. Married to the lovely Cllr Erica Kemp CBE with three children and four grandchildren.
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