God Help the United States of America

Apologies to my readers for a semi-obscene picture which is the first I have ever put on my blog but it just perfectly summed up my thoughts about these types of people and the way that their existence poses a threat to any idea of a strong relationship with the USA.

One of the things that has pleased me most over the past three years is that no matter how stupid and boorish UK political leaders have been, and they have been bad, there have always been Countries that have suffered far worse. Ignore Brazil and Uzbekistan there is one developed country who leads any other Country with their buffoon-in-chief. Step forward the Honourable (?) President of the USA, Donald Trump.

Mr Trump is a serial liar and clown. The Washington Post has been keeping a running tally of his lies and falsehoods since he took office three long, long years ago. They started with the gross lie that more crowds attended his inauguration than either of the two ceremonies of President Obama and have continued daily ever since. The running total is more than 18,000.

I am not sure whether that includes the acts of gross stupidity revealed since the coronavirus struck. Remember them. He had the coronavirus under control; he knew better than doctors and said that the virus wasn’t serious and that it would have little effect. In fact he couldn’t understand why he hadn’t been nominated for a Nobel Prize for medicine. His hunches were good because he had a distant relation who had some medical experience 100 years ago! As things got more serious the claims grew thick and fast.       

Some of them were just lies about the USA was coping. No USA you are not doing better than the rest of the World, No you are not better equipped. Yes your hospitals have turned away people who were poor including 17 year old who had no insurance and died days later.

Some of them were dangerous and taken against the clear medical advice of his professional advisers. He recommended a type of medicine that had no proven beneficial effects and when some people ingested a version of it found in a household cleaner died. He pooh-poohed social distancing rules. He then went on to claim that bleach might be ingested to clean up your insides and that internal ultra-violet light, no I cannot understand that either,  could cure or reduce the virus.

But now he takes things even further. He has been urging red-neck thugs to actually ignore his own advice which he has reluctantly issued and supported them as they took their guns on demonstrations against Democrat Party Governors who were actually following his advice on social distancing and how and when to start coming out of the lock down.

I’ve always had a thing about the USA and guns. I’ve never touched a gun in my life but recognise that they can be used responsibly and in fact are needed by some professions especially in rural areas. If people want to go to a gun club and practice shooting it’s not my sort of thing but I don’t object to it. This week however we have seen pictures of half-wits inside the Michigan state legislature just outside the main legislative chamber holding semi-automatic weapons. Apparently this is all perfectly legal.

Should we be surprised? Probably not. The sale of guns shot up in the early days of the lockdown with queues outside the gun shops. The very idea is an anachronism to us. I’ve never touched a gun or know anyone who has done. I wouldn’t know where to buy a gun. UK murder rates are tiny compared to the USA and very few of those are conducted with guns. The Police use them very sparingly and do not normally carry one except outside obvious targets for potential terrorist attacks. Interestingly, most police make clear time and again that they don’t want to carry arms. Too many of them would get killed if guns became widespread.

Today the Prime Minister of the USA’s neighbour Canada, Justin Trudeau, has announced the banning of the sale, possession and use of semi-automatic weapons. As he rightly observed these weapons have been designed for the mass killing of people. There is no legitimate use of them by civilians.

You can, perhaps forgive Donald Trump, or President Bone Spurs, from saying daft things because he is, at the end of the day, appallingly stupid. It’s his motives that should be loathed by any civilised person. He is not attacking Republican Governors who are showing caution. Just 3 Democrat Governors in states which he needs to hold if he is to win the Presidential Election later this year. Putting an election before people’s lives shows that he is, in reality, just the scumbag-in-chief!

So why should I bother about this? If people in the USA want to elect this clown and he encourages them to do things which endanger other Americans what business is it of mine or anyone else in the UK? It’s because our own mini-Trump, Prime Minister Johnson, actually believes that our Country should become the 51st state. Along with his mates like Cummings and Gove they are in thrall to the idea of a strong Angle Saxon ‘hands across the sea’ arrangement. They want to tie us to Trump’s coat tails in thought, word and deed.

This would be dangerous to us economically and I wouldn’t favour such thoughts even if Obama were still President although I would be much more relaxed about it. However to tie us to a Country which is morally reprehensible because of its leader and which refuses to accept the norms of a civilised society would be dangerous to our way of life.

I have many American friends, not one of whom voted for Trump. I’d love us to have a stronger relationship with them. Their President stands in the way. Those of us this side of the pond can only hope that Biden gets re-elected in November and that stronger links are possible between two Countries with much common heritage. Nothing, however, will take me away from my foremost belief that we are a major European Country and that our place is within a strong and united EU.

About richardkemp

Leader of the Liberal Democrats in Liverpool. Deputy Chair and Lib Dem Spokesperson on the LGA Community Wellbeing Board. Married to the lovely Cllr Erica Kemp CBE with three children and four grandchildren.
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3 Responses to God Help the United States of America

  1. n hunter says:

    Do they think guns will stop the virus?What/who/why do they think guns are a saviour of ‘The American Way’?
    Johnson,Gove ,Cummings. If they wreck the economy (and blame others .EU Virus) they can ask Trump to help make us the next state. I wonder what people would say if a journo asked the question to Johnson etc direct D o you want us to be the next American State and will engineer that to happen?

  2. Duke Nukem says:

    You are an English twit that would be speaking German if it wasn’t for the USA. Go shag yourself.

    • richardkemp says:

      What a pity you didn’t ever learn to speak English properly. But then you do come from a Country which arrived late for the two world wars of the C20th so we don’t expect that much.

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