Planning for a unique, sustainable and appropriate city

To Lib Dems our unique maritime and commercial heritage is not a nuisance that gets in the way but an exciting base from which to promote a modern and unique city

In January we published the first of our 2020 manifesto drafts on Education from my colleague Cllr Liz Makinson. It has been well received. We are issuing here the draft of our planning and regeneration policy from our spokesperson, Cllr Mirna Juarez.

Over the last decade we have lost our credibility as a City with the none development of unfinished blocks that litter the City Centre, poor quality micro apartment blocks that have been finished and housing that does not meet the needs of our citizens throughout the City.

We mean to rapidly begin to clear up the planning processes and polices which have besmirched the name of our City globally and replace them with processes and policies which meet the need of the city and its citizens.

Don’t tell me what you think of our ideas. Just contact Mirna at the email and phone number below.

Planning for a unique, sustainable and appropriate city                                                                                                                   

Liverpool Liberal Democrats are in the process of developing our manifesto for the local and city region elections next May. Liverpool will elect a Regional Mayor, a Police Commissioner; a City Mayor and 30 councillors.

Unlike other political parties we do not believe that we know everything and should decide everything. In each part of Liverpool there are people who know more about their topics than we can ever do as generalists. We are circulating this draft section to people and inviting them to comment about our principles and ideas. We would be pleased to come and meet with you and your organisation to discuss them or just to receive your thoughts. I am dealing with this part of our manifesto. You can contact me at or 07954 434476. I look forward to hearing from you.

Cllr Mirna Juarez,        Planning and Development Control Spokesperson, Liverpool Lib Dems

Our Overriding Principle:

Liverpool is a major European City and is therefore a major global city. It has more than 980 listed buildings and 50p conservation areas. We will use our past to develop a globally renowned City that looks and feels fundamentally different from any other City in the World.

Our Overriding Policy:

To create with our partners in Liverpool, Europe and the World a series of relationships with the public and private sectors to bring to Liverpool appropriate and economically and environmentally sustainable development which meet the needs of industry, commerce and all the housing needs of our citizens.


Liverpool is at the heart of a building scams industry which has left at least 15 blocks part finished, part started or unusable. Estimates for the amount of money that has been lost and wasted vary between £200,000,000 and £400,000,000. That estimate excludes the likely cost to cash strapped council of the demolition of property that either is or becoming unsafe. Liverpool needs to ask why have more than half the building scams in England have taken place in our City.

Our Proposals

Housing and Development

We will scrap the current partnership arrangement with Redrow Homes PLC which has neither brought additional revenue in to the council or provided the housing that young people wish to buy. We need a good of housing mix to accommodate singles/couples and families and will work with a range of private and public sector suppliers to provide this.

The Planning framework                           

Liverpool was 7 years late in putting its new planning framework, the Local Development Plan, which has meant that we have been working to policies developed by the Council more than 20 years ago. This has meant that developers had almost a free hand in deciding what they wanted to build and not what the Council knows is needed in the City. This has meant far too many student pods and flats and too many studios and one bedroomed apartments, all of which are now a glut in the City.

We will immediately instruct the planning department to agree or otherwise planning applications on the basis of the plan that has been submitted to the Government irrespective of when the Planning Inspectors.

Due diligence

We will provide a new framework for due diligence which will enable the Council’s officers to restrict the sale of council land and accommodation to companies or partnerships with unsatisfactory organisational form and/or funding.

Planning Inspection

We will instigate a series of inspection visits by planning staff to all major developments to ensure compliance with all development control agreements.

Receipt of planning money

We will ensure that all S106 money for planning gain is paid in advance of work beginning on relevant sites to ensure that the Council has money in hand for agreed capital works or the remediation of defective properties. A key aim for the use of S106 money will eb to provide a green infrastructure and ‘pocket’ parks in heavily built up areas.

Houses in multiple occupation

The Council will refuse to allow the conversion of properties into houses in Multiple Occupation where such conversions will mean that more than 20% of the building stock in defined neighbourhoods will be HMOs.

A City Centre Park

The city centre has lost grees space as well open spaces. We will build build a city centre park which would benefit residents living in the city, workers and visitors as well as be a positive step for the environment and wildlife.

Our City’s Parks and other Green spaces

We will protect our city’s parks. We will not build on our parks and will not agree to any development on them. Where land is in our ownership, we will transfer the land to none profit making trust to create a long-term un breakable lease. Where it is not we will defend green wedge policies throughout the City

The World Heritage Status

Our World Heritage Status has continually been described as a “plaque on the wall of the Town Hall”, by our current Elected Mayor. We believe that it is a living embodiment of our past and that preserving it is a major way of ensuring that our City has a unique cityscape which will provide a unique city in which to live, visit or reside in. No planning applications will be allowed which are thought to threaten this Status.

Our High Streets

Our City Centre with its L1 development is know of the finest in the Country but we now need to attend to all the high streets in the City from Walton Vale to Aigburth Road. We will achieve this by working with each set of business and residential communities to build a framework for use and development which will be incorporated into our Planning Framework by the issuing of supplementary guidance for each neighbourhood and district centre.

 Waste and Recycling We will incorporate in the planning process innovative ideas for waste management that encourages recycling. Planning permission will not be given for apartments until developers to give a more detailed report as to how waste from apartments will be sorted, collected, and removed.     

About richardkemp

Leader of the Liberal Democrats in Liverpool. Deputy Chair and Lib Dem Spokesperson on the LGA Community Wellbeing Board. Married to the lovely Cllr Erica Kemp CBE with three children and four grandchildren.
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1 Response to Planning for a unique, sustainable and appropriate city

  1. Tony says:

    It all
    Looks like a breath of fresh air just what our great city needs we need strong leadership
    We need a council that engages with the people who live in the city we are all sick of the developers running the planning department and stealing our land at the moment their is a serious disconnect between both the town hall Cunard building and the citizens of liverpool
    This needs to be fixed

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