Liverpool will always be a major European City

Liverpool is and always will be a major European City. At the suggestion of the Liberal Democrats the City has agreed to improve our links with EU Countries and hold a regular festival of European art, culture and cuisines on the anniversary of the 2016 referendum. The European Flag will continue to fly in Liverpool

At its meeting on 15th January Liverpool City Council overwhelmingly passed a motion from the City’s Liberal Democrats which not only declared that Liverpool is and will remain a major European City but would take steps to increase and improve its European links.

In moving the motion I said, “with regret we must now accept that at some stage whether with no deal, what could be considered a bad deal or what could be considered a good deal the UK will leave the EU. In our view there is no such thing as a good deal because any way that we exit the EU will be a worse deal than the one that we have.

We already know that leaving the EU is bad for our economy with job losses and a down turn in economic growth which will, in turn, lead to a down turn in tax revenues and therefore a down turn in what we can do to provide better public services. What the Council must do now is to exert its influence to work with our City and City Region colleagues to minimise the problems”.

Amongst the suggestions made, which will now be sent to a new steering committee to look at EU relationships, are:

  • Establishing a link with an appropriate city in each of the 27 nation states of the EU
  • Asking every EU state to appoint an Honorary Consul to the City to ensure high level diplomatic and commercial contacts.
  • Holding an annual festival of European Art, Culture and Cuisine on the date of the 2016 referendum

I concluded, “I wake up in Europe every day because our City is part of Europe and has been for the past 5,000 years. Nothing that has happened in terms of the referendum and passing of the Withdrawal Act will change that. Liverpool is a City where we will still be pleased to raise the European Flag over the Town Hall and other public buildings”

The Motion was passed by 56 votes to 5 with two councillors abstaining. The Liberal Democrats voted unanimously for the motion. The Mayor of Liverpool, Joe Anderson, has agreed to set up the suggested steering group quickly.

This is the resolution that was passed yesterday by the Council

Motion to Liverpool City Council on January 18th

Liverpool – A European City

Proposed Cllr Richard Kemp CBE

Seconded Cllr Andrew Makinson

Council notes with regret that Parliament has passed a vote which will mean us leaving the European Union.

It believes that this will cause a huge turbulence in our economy which will lead to a reduced level of Gross Domestic Product and therefore a reduced level of taxation. These factors will in turn lead to decreasing opportunities for employment and reduced investment in public services.

Council believes that in spite of the vote in Parliament Liverpool is and will always be a major European City. It will seek to build on its current status and strengthen its own links with Europe by:

  • Holding an annual festival of European art, culture and cuisines on the date of the 2016 referendum.
  • Requesting each EU member country which does not currently have an honorary consul in the City to appoint one to ensure ongoing top-level links between Liverpool and those countries.
  • Working with one appropriate city in each member state to develop city to city links to boost trade, commerce, service delivery, art and cultural exchanges.

To further these and other objectives it resolves to establish a  steering Group composed of members and staff of the Council, the Chamber of Commerce, representatives of the European Movement and World Wide Wednesday, national groups present in Liverpool and other interested Parties to work together to support all pro-European activity within the City and City region.

About richardkemp

Leader of the Liberal Democrats in Liverpool. Deputy Chair and Lib Dem Spokesperson on the LGA Community Wellbeing Board. Married to the lovely Cllr Erica Kemp CBE with three children and four grandchildren.
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13 Responses to Liverpool will always be a major European City

  1. Joedd says:

    You the Lib Dems have now fought two general elections on the basis of being the most pro-European party; you lost both times – respect the people’s vote –

    • richardkemp says:

      We got 1.25 million extra votes between the two elections. The fact is that we are still in Europe just not represented in Parliament.

      • Joedd says:

        honour the people’s vote – they have the power

      • European Nations says:

        Europe doesn’t have a flag. that is the EU flag and we are leaving. Don’t expect us to do nothing about flying a foreign flag in our country

      • richardkemp says:

        Actually you are wrong. It is the flag of the Congress of Europe of which we are still a member. It would help you if you got your facts right.

      • Bob says:

        You only got extra votes because the Labour party is such a shambles and soft Tories wanting to remain. The COnservative government now have an 80 seat majority and you lost your incompetant leader.

  2. Joedd says:

    The facts are – you got smashed in the last election your leader was kicked into touch –

    • David Howell says:

      I suggest you examine some of the facts around the realities of Brexit – I do not know you but you talk like you are already smashed. I suggest you treat other with the respect they deserve and then you may command more respect for yourself but if not for your lack of knowledge of the disastrous reality of Brexit. Look at the costs to date – what we have lost – and the higher taxes promised in the news today. I can understand someone who is busy being misled but being misled is still exactly that.

    • The people of Liverpool voted to remain. To use one of your lot’s tired old phrases, Jo, if you don’t like it, go somewhere else.

  3. Joedd says:

    ”go somewhere else” just like Jo Swinson who stepped down as Liberal Democrat leader after losing her seat on a grim election night that left the Lib Dem’s with only 11 MPs – ”your lot” oh I have struck a nerve with you……

    • Daniel Ralston says:

      Hi Joedd,

      In the interests of full disclosure, we disagreed at the time of the referendum and while I respect the result, do worry about the long term consequences.

      Respecting the result, however should not occlude the fact that Liverpool as a city open for business should do all it can to attract inward investment and encourage trading links with every EU state. I would similarly hope we encourage such links with other trading blocks and countries as the opportunity arises. That would, I hope you’ll agree, respect the result of the referendum and the spirit of enterprise the Leave campaign hope to ring about.

      In the case of the flag. Liverpool has benefitted disproportionately from EU development funds which have contributed to the Kings Dock, Museum of Liverpool, Liverpool ONE and even to go back, the redevelopment of Williamson Square. It seems to me both a gesture that costs nothing to fly the flag, and one that provides a symbol of welcome to EU residents of our city as well as thanks to the EU for it’s part in our regeneration.

      And as the loser in the debate, I sincerely hope that we can continue to debate civilly on the future of our country. If we can’t I suspect our country has lost rather more than I feared on the morning after.

  4. Joedd says:

    you lost get over it we are leaving Europe lets all move on and work together – stop trying to prove a point……..

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