No Mr Assange in this Country no-one is above the law

As has been said elsewhere this man is not the Saviour; he’s not even a naughty boy. He’s just a narcissistic person pre-occupied with himself and his own self-importance

In the past few days I have been absolutely amazed by the support that has been given to Julian Assange by Jeremy Corbyn and other leading members of the Labour Party including Diane Abbott.

For 7 years Assange has hidden himself away in the Embassy of Ecuador costing that poor Country £4.6 million in costs. Why was he there? Because he had skipped bail granted by an English Court and was therefore subject to an arrest warrant.

Why was he before an English Court? Because a European arrest warrant had been issued to bring him to justice in Sweden to answer charges of rape against two quite traumatised young women.

Corbyn works on a principle that an enemy of my enemy is a friend of mine. Assange is considered to be anti-American but what about America is he anti? His leaks seriously damaged Hillary Clinton. His leaks therefore seriously helped Trump. Does Corbyn like Trump’s America? Does he prefer it to a Country led by Clinton and a Democrat Party?

He has a whole host of information about problems in Russia in connection with the Ukraine. He chose not to deploy that information when Russia is clearly acting as a major aggressor against a NATO member. Does Corbyn prefer Russia to a shakily democratic Ukraine? Does he really not support the NATO organisation that has done so much to help Europeans live in peace.

But if we look at where all this started it’s all about a rape case in Sweden. I cannot believe that the vast majority of decent Labour members throughout the UK will feel anything other than the shock that I feel that Diane Abbott tried to brush away this serious issue because he had not yet been charged. Of course, he has not been charged. The Swedish Police could not interview him or charge him because for 9 years he has kept himself beyond their reach. One of the cases has now expired because of their Statute of Limitations although it could be brought back under these circumstances and the other may now be pursued.

Haven’t Corbyn and Abbott got any concern for either of these women who not only have to see their alleged attacker escape justice but also seem him gloating about it and parading his virtue through the world media.

Rape cases anywhere are notoriously difficult to prove. The ‘normal’ exposure of potentially wronged women is always a huge hurdle which often stands in the way of justice for them when cases come to court. Just think what these women are feeling and they must be wondering whether after all this time and the media scrum that would happen if they were to proceed to trial is now worth it.

I don’t know whether or not he committed these offences. I do know that he ought to participate fully in a legal system which is one of the fairest in the entire World. He is not too important to be dealt with separately or preferentially he should be treated just like anyone else.

But enough of this narcissistic parasite. What it shows to me, yet again, is the lack of judgement on the part of Corbyn. He proves himself as an ageing student union agitator. Good at demos; passionate about things that few other people believe are important he blunders on and demonstrates why in 40 years in Parliament he was never made a Minister or Shadow Minister and why Parliament as a whole has never made him Chair of a select Committee.

Corbyn is a joke. The best thing for the Lib Dems in Liverpool would be that he became Prime Minister because the Country and then his own Party would rapidly fall apart and we would scoop votes by the buck full. But that is not what our City or our Country needs. So, we will continue to campaign for sensible, radical and pragmatic ideas which will reject the extremism of both Corbyn and May. Starting, of course on May 2nd with the Council elections and continuing on 23rd May with the European elections.

About richardkemp

Leader of the Liberal Democrats in Liverpool. Deputy Chair and Lib Dem Spokesperson on the LGA Community Wellbeing Board. Married to the lovely Cllr Erica Kemp CBE with three children and four grandchildren.
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