Together we can, “Save our High Streets”

This one block on Allerton Road contains five locally run, locally owned businesses that have local supply chains and pay their taxes to keep our local and national services going. They deserve your support.

The 1st December was National Small Business Day. To help that day Lib Dems in Liverpool have tweeted about our favourite shops in our areas which are run by local people for local people. We are doing it using the hashtag #LiverpoolLocal.

In my case I was able to get 5 shops in one Tweet because there is a fabulous block on Allerton Road where you can find Clarks the butcher, Adam Apple the fruit and Veg Shop; Shrigley’s for Fish; Voglio for gifts and Rays the Bakers for bread and cakes.  All top shops providing high quality products at reasonable prices.

Every Saturday between now and Christmas we will be letting you know where the shops are that we support on a regular basis and why we support them. We will also be reminding you of the Council’s Farmers Markets which feature produce made locally and in our City region.

We are hoping that you will join in with this campaign and also let us know what your favourite shops are and why. We think everyone should support our shop local campaign for a number of reasons.

Firstly, it keeps our High Streets open and active. Too many people complain about the high streets being deserted and then spend all their money on websites and supermarkets.

Secondly, any profit they make stays within our community. The owners of all our 5 Allerton Road businesses quoted above live in or just outside Liverpool. They pay their taxes here and nationally. In the case of the big companies they take their profit wherever they want and despite hefty turnovers pay very low levels of taxation in the UK never mind Liverpool. Often the money ends up in tax havens like the Caribbean.

Thirdly, they usually support local producers. Rays Bakers are supplied from their own base in Prescot; Adam’s Apples buys from City Region Farmers wherever possible. Voglio buys much of its sales products locally supporting young artists and designers.

Fourthly, they treat people properly. There are too many stories circulating from the big companies about zero-hour contracts; poor working conditions; unhealthy work practices and worker exploitation for decent people to stand aside and consent to these practices by buying from the firms that use them. Far too many people complain about the ill treatment of staff and zero hour contracts and then happily use the services of the exploiting companies. Be under no illusion. If everyone stopped buying from these places until they changed their bad practices the company’s concerned would change their behaviour.

All these reasons mean that you should, wherever possible use local shops owned by local people. One or two people doing this won’t make much difference. One or two thousand will start to make an impression. One or two million would make a huge difference and improve our local economies; improve working practices for staff and create a tax base in which international greed cannot prevail.

Join our campaign. Tell us on social media which are you favourite shops or eating places. Join our campaign for a stronger local economy. When you’ve done that use the #LiverpoolLocal to tell us.

You can find out more on our Twitter Feed

About richardkemp

Leader of the Liberal Democrats in Liverpool. Deputy Chair and Lib Dem Spokesperson on the LGA Community Wellbeing Board. Married to the lovely Cllr Erica Kemp CBE with three children and four grandchildren.
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