Allerton Road – A great District Centre for all your needs

Allerton Rd day

Come and see what Allerton Road has to offer on Saturday when there will be community stalls at the Farmers Market and the Lord Lieutenant of Merseyside will be visiting the Farmers Market and retailers.

Over the past few weeks its has seemed that there is nothing but doom and gloom on the High Street. Chain after chain has gone in to administration leaving property owners desperately trying to find new tenants.

But its not all bad news. In the middle of Church Ward we have the Allerton Road area which, while it is not as strong as it used to be, can still provide you with all your needs at very reasonable prices .

If you want Allerton Road to stay that way you and I need to use it (I do – I’ve just got back from shopping there!) But so many people bemoan the state of Allerton Road and similar retail centres and then go and fill their car with a weekly shop at a big chain supermarket. In many cases the profit from those outlets goes straight out of the area and then often goes out of the UK. How many offshore companies does Tesco have in areas where it does not trade?

When you buy from a local store the owner lives in the area; the profits stay in the area and there is often a multiplier effect where retailers buy parts of their local requirements from each other. It’s a win, win situation for them but it is also a win, win situation for us.

“But” people say, “they are much more expensive”. They can be more expensive, whilst being better value for money, but they are often very reasonable priced when you discount the so-called offers with which supermarket chains lull you into a false sense of security!

So, let’s start with the blindingly obvious! Yes, you can go to the Bank (and there are not many local banks left in South Liverpool); buy a house and get yourself out of jail or a marriage at the local solicitors! But Allerton Road is far more than that. Did you know that Allerton Road has:

  • 2 Artisan bread and cake shops in addition to the normal bread stores.
  • A first-class butcher (Clarks)
  • An excellent fishmonger(Brian)
  • A gift shop selling local souvenirs (Voglios)
  • A quality fruit and veg stores (Dougy)
  • A locally owned pharmacy (Green Lane)
  • Two opticians both local franchises
  • Two places to buy good quality, high end clothing (Maze and Benetton)
  • 6 places to get your hair done.
  • 4 beauty salons and nail bars
  • A shop selling blinds for windows
  • A pet Shop
  • A special café which looks after mums and infants.
  • An undertakers
  • A Post Office
  • W.H. Smith for stationery and books
  • A Vape shop (new)
  • A photographic salon (new)
  • A learning Centre
  • A Gym (opening soon)
  • The Linen Warehouse where you can buy a wide range of linens

Then if you are in search of bargains there are 4 mini supermarkets with Home & Bargains; Iceland; Poundland and Tesco.

And when you have done your shopping there are plenty of places to eat and drink. The nice thing is that almost all the restaurants are local, being owned by the person who runs them or by small Liverpool based companies like Miyagi or Three Little Piggy’s.

So that is where Erica and I do 75% of our shopping. Of course, we go to a bigger supermarket sometimes for big lots of washing powder etc but mostly we can walk from where we live on Dovedale Road to Allerton Road for all our needs.

On the third Saturday of every month. Liz, Andrew and I do our Advice Centre at the Farmers Market. Rain or shine we are there for 4.5 hours alongside the lovely smell of pies, sausages, chees, bread, cakes and veggies (our next one is on 16th.  June.

Allerton Road, like all the district centres in Liverpool, needs your support. Although they are doing relatively well now the market is changing. They act as far more than a shopping centre – they act as a centre of the community. I had half a dozen conversations whilst I was on the Road earlier and its great to see people meeting, chatting and sharing information as they go about their business.

Our communities need such informal meeting places but they cannot function without you using them. It’s the retail outlets and trades people that provide the backdrop for the community to interact. On 16th June we have go the Lord Lieutenant (Her Majesty’s representative on Merseyside) walking around between 12.15 and 14.00 visiting the Farmer’s Market; the additional stalls run by local voluntary organisations; and the retailers.

Why don’t you join him and check out Allerton Road? I think some of you will be surprised at how good it is; how much that you can get there and the quality of what is available.

About richardkemp

Leader of the Liberal Democrats in Liverpool. Deputy Chair and Lib Dem Spokesperson on the LGA Community Wellbeing Board. Married to the lovely Cllr Erica Kemp CBE with three children and four grandchildren.
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1 Response to Allerton Road – A great District Centre for all your needs

  1. r lockhart says:

    People shop out of town for two reasons free parking and none of the problems trying to navigate the inner city of Liverpool with expensive parking and tripping over beggers.

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