Jeremy Corbyn – the Captain Mainwaring of British Politics

Captain Mainwaring

Captain Corbyn desperately trying to communicate his policies to anyone who will listen. The problems is his policies are based on an outdated past and change from day to day

As we approach a hugely important week in British Politics we look at where Her Majesty’s Official Opposition are and we can safely assume that its Warmington on Sea!

The biggest threat to the prosperity of the people of the UK lies not from the Nazis over the water but the fools inside our borders who are haplessly leading our nation into an economic and therefore social depression the consequences of which will last for decades.

What does Captain Corbyn do? He dillies and dallies with no clear leadership about what is needed to be done as the Government finds itself unable to respond to the dire consequences of BREXIT. To use thoughts of another TV soldier, Baldrick, “Does he have a cunning plan?” or is he pursuing his own agenda or does he not understand the consequences of his actions.

Let us be clear what the consequences of leaving the EU are which could be greatly mitigated by staying inside the Customs Union or joining the European Economic Area.

Growth will falter. There is not one reputable economist who is is not predicting a decline in our economy. In fact, predictions are no longer necessary we can already see this happening. 2.5 years ago, we were the fastest growing economy in the EU now we are next to bottom. We need economic growth if we are to put right the appalling social and health problems that we face. Our NHS and Social care services need to get an additional 4% a year. Impossible if the growth rate is approximately 1.25%

Investment will falter and is already doing so. Companies from hi-tech to automotive from engineering to IT services are choosing to invest elsewhere where they no what the investment conditions are. A few bright spots for investment do not conceal the huge drop. Investment in industry and infrastructure is vital if we are to maintain and create the high value jobs that we need to develop a strong economy.

Jobs will go. Again, we don’t need a crystal ball. Jaguar in Speke and Vauxhall in Ellesmere Port have already made major cuts to staff. 2,000 well paid private sector jobs are moving from Canary Wharf to France and Germany. The less jobs the less tax income that they create. But its not only high levels jobs that have gone. Crops are lying unpicked in fields from Scotland to East Anglia which in turn pushes up food process.

Our Health Service will suffer. 10% of all jobs in the NHS and social care are unfilled. People who had intended to stay in the UK are going home. People that we have offered jobs to are unable to take them due to visa restrictions. It is a total myth that immigrants swamp our health services with health tourism. Our NHS is dependent on immigrants to keep the services going that we all need.

Companies are leaving the UK. With them they take their corporate taxes. Already three major firms have made such a relocation. More are waiting for the right moment.

The Irish Border creates huge problems for the island or Ireland. It was clear from the start that a hard border was not negotiable between Eire and Northern Ireland. The EU has for 40 years at our bidding developed a strong and hard border policy. There are numerous places around the EU borders where cultural and national identities are on both sides. Stand firm say the Brits in the EU; give us an exemption say the Brits in leaving the EU.

So, who will suffer most from all this? The poorest people in our communities. Theirs will be the jobs that go first; theirs will be the health requirements that are not met; theirs will be the housing that will decline because of lack of investment. The rich won’t suffer. Just look at Lord Lawson. The Chair of the Leave Campaign has applied for a ‘Carte de Sejour’ which will enable him to live in France where he already spends most of his time. The wide boys and the Chancers will make money out of the difficulties and strife caused by EU withdrawal as they do out of every problem and catastrophe.

But poor people on the minimum wage or dependent on benefits have no ‘carte de sejour’. They are stuck in this Country with no life rafts available to them to float away from the mayhem that Brexit will cause. Labour trolls who follow me always make comments about, “it was all the fault of the coalition”, or “Nick Clegg sold your Party for a ministerial car”. If you think that coalition was bad you’ve seen nothing yet. The Corbyn/May coalition will reduce many of our services to the merest shadow of the already reduced position they are in today.

What is Labour policy on the E.U. Pity poor educated Sergeant Starmer. He clearly offers advice to Corbyn which is ignored. He reads in the paper what Corbyn’s next policy position is and then has to explain why its is not quite what everyone else thinks the policy is or wasn’t really what Captain Corbyn said.

Corporal McDonnell urges everyone not to panic but is unable to identify the effects of the policies he resolutely supports from his Captain even if they did contradict yesterday’s policy statement.

Or just possibly I have got this wrong. Corbyn is only pretending to be incompetent and dithering. He does have a cunning plan which is to take us out of the EU because he believes it to be some sort of capitalist cartel and he would much prefer his believed South America models of Brazil; Ecuador and Venezuela.

At the end of the day precisely why Corbyn is acting the way he does is irrelevant. His actions will lead to a relentless reduction in living standards which will affect those at the bottom most.

We’ve been asked to write to our MPs to get them to vote to keep the Lords amendments intact in one way or another. I will not do that because some of our local women MPs like Luciana Berger; Maria Eagle; Louise Ellman and Alison McGovern have been leading the fight for sanity inside the Labour Party. I can only wish them well. 75% of Labour MPs and 73% of Labour voters believe that the move out of the EU is wrong and that at minimum there should be a first referendum on the facts of Brexit.

No-one voted in the referendum for themselves their family or our Country to become poorer but these are the consequences of the Labour/Tory coalition. Let’s hope that sanity will prevail next week; that Labour men as well as Labour women find a spine and that they will finally fight for our Country and the people who need the resources of our Country the most.

Of course for everyone else the other option is simply to quit Labour. Many have done so in recent months and we welcome them to our Party. You too can join at

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Leader of the Liberal Democrats in Liverpool. Deputy Chair and Lib Dem Spokesperson on the LGA Community Wellbeing Board. Married to the lovely Cllr Erica Kemp CBE with three children and four grandchildren.
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