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Liverpool Lib Dems local council has been recognised by the clean air group UK100 for meeting stretching clean air targets. As the only Party that has produced a manifesto we probably won’t be joined by other Liverpool Parties!!

Group agrees UK100’s three-point Clean Air Commitment ahead of local elections

  • Pledge to plan out dirty air by stopping the Lime Street and Strand road works, and ploughing resources into local road improvement, safety schemes and the implementation of new bus and bike lanes instead.
  • Pledge to involve the community in air quality plans by reforming council select committee membership to include members of the public and local business community.
  • Committed to ambitious local projects to cut air pollution such as support for cleaner taxis and a Clean Air Zone, introducing a bike hire scheme, and a car ban on streets near schools where there’s bad air quality.


Liverpool Liberal Democrats has today announced it is supporting the UK100 network’s Clean Air Commitment as part of its manifesto for May’s local elections.


Group Leader, Cllr Richard Kemp has promised that the Liberal Democrats will use their enhanced number of councillors in Liverpool after the vote on May 3, to try and implement a number of measures designed to make the air cleaner across the City.


These include reviewing cycle and bus ways with a view to improving and expanding them, creating on street charging points for electric vehicles working with all owners of buildings to make Liverpool Carbon Neutral by 2030. encouraging greater use of buses and trains, walk to schools schemes and all this would mean the council would be aligned with the Clean Air Commitment promoted by the UK100 network, which is designed to encourage local political leaders to tackle the issue within their area and build public support for action.


The Commitment is designed to be both ambitious and flexible and asks local leaders to commit to 3 out of the 4 UK100 pledges. These include having a named Cabinet member with ‘Clean Air’ in their title and having a partnership board or body that involves both local people and local businesses so they can all tackle air pollution together in their community.


UK100 works closely with councils who want to reduce air pollution to develop and deliver ambitious plans to tackle the problem and to assist them with finding ways to to gain more support from central Government.  UK100’s central pledge to commit to 100% clean energy by 2050 is supported by 87 leaders, Mayors and Metro Mayors nationwide.

Polly Billington, Director of UK100, added: “Liverpool, like many other UK towns and cities, needs leadership on air pollution. We welcome the pledge by council candidates across the country to make clean air a priority. Residents want action to deal with this public health crisis.


“The Clean Air Commitment gives candidates the chance to show their determination to act on clean air, making it a priority and involving the public in devising solutions.


“We hope it will inspire other leaders across the political spectrum to be a force for good when it comes to finding innovative and successful ways to drive down air pollution and ensure their constituents can live a healthier life.”


For more information, please contact: Richard Kemp on 07885 626913


About UK100

UK100 is a highly ambitious network of local government leaders, which seeks to devise and implement plans for the transition to clean energy that are ambitious, cost effective and take the public and business with them. It supports decision-makers in UK towns, cities and rural areas in their transition to 100% clean energy by 2050. It is the only network for UK local authorities focused solely on climate and clean energy policy. The leaders made the commitment as part of the momentum around the Paris Agreement in 2015, reflecting the leadership shown by mayors globally on climate change and clean energy. Turning those commitments into reality is the goal of the network. UK100 connects local leaders to each other, to business and to national government, enabling them to showcase their achievements and learn from each other. It enables them to speak collectively on how to accelerate the transition to clean energy locally and nationally.


The Clean Air Commitment

The UK100 Clean Air Commitment consists of four pledges. UK100 is asking council candidates to commit to at least three.


Cabinet Member with “Clean Air” in their title

Ensure a portfolio holder is visibly accountable to the public for tackling air pollution. Very often the responsibility is spread across a range of portfolios (environment, transport, public health) which risks confusion for residents and businesses. Including Clean Air in the title of one portfolio holder will reduce this confusion and enable joined-up working across the administration.


Plan out dirty air to make a healthier borough or city

The bigger and more polluted cities and London boroughs need a real shift in transport from an over-reliance on cars to walking, cycling and affordable public transport accessible to all. Smaller towns and cities need to plan for growth that doesn’t increase ill-health and a reliance on polluting vehicles. Such measures might include: Reducing the number of parking spaces in new-build homes, installing electric car charging points or making the area safer for pedestrians by installing more crossings or increasing the width of pavements.

Create a partnership or steering group that includes members of public, businesses and council

Residents’ support is critical for adopting and implementing any change to current polluting lifestyles. If they are involved and supportive of the actions and plans by the local authority they will support measures as ambassadors, building support across the community.

A pledge adapted to local needs
UK100 wants those standing in local elections to show their commitment to, and understanding of, air pollution by pledging one ambitious additional local project. This could include support for cleaner taxis, creating car-free streets, or a bike hire scheme. For London, UK100 is asking councillors to pledge support for the ultra-low emission zone, extended at least to the North and South Circular and the low emission zone for HGVs to come in as proposed.


About richardkemp

Leader of the Liberal Democrats in Liverpool. Deputy Chair and Lib Dem Spokesperson on the LGA Community Wellbeing Board. Married to the lovely Cllr Erica Kemp CBE with three children and four grandchildren.
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