Lib Dems Urge Liverpool Council to back Corbyn’s housing policy


It would appear that the Lib Dems are more supportive of Jeremy Corbyn’s housing policy than his own colleagues in Liverpool led by Mayor Anderson

At Wednesday’s Council Meeting my Lib Dem Group colleagues Mirna Juarez and Andrew Makinson are asking Council to back Jeremy Corbyn’s housing policy of “for the many -not the few” and ditch the housing partnership with Redrow Homes.

I am delighted that they are exploding the myth that the Partnership with Redrow is delivering neither the homes that we need to improve our housing stock and communities nor the money to invest in social homes. As Andrew and Mirna are arguing what they are building is not what the local communities require and the money that it is producing is producing no more capital for the Council than if we sold the land to any developer. It is also producing less council tax to keep our services going because of the low density of the build.

It would appear that in Liverpool the Liberal Democrats are more in tune with the housing ambitions of the national Labour Leader than is the local Labour Leader Joe Anderson with his great desire to build Redrow palaces!

In moving the motion Lib Dem Cllr for Allerton & Hunts Cross Mirna Juarez will say, “the current partnership with Redrow Homes is failing to deliver the housing that Liverpool needs. Instead of a handful of high priced homes the South Liverpool area where Redrow likes to build needs more 3 bed semis and two bed flats.

In the council’s own figures in Woolton, Church, Allerton, Cressington and Mossley Hill wards there are 4,459 people living alone, many of them in substantial houses. They need two bedroomed flats to move to in the areas where they live. This would release big homes to young families. At the same time the starting price of £300,000 up to £650,000 on the Redrow Homes is way beyond the reach of young families who are continuing to leave our City”.

The motions’ seconder Cllr Andrew Makinson will add, “this is not a good financial deal either. The latest figures are that the cash received from Redrow to date has only assisted with the provision of 96 social homes. This is no more than would have been received in land sales and section 106 planning agreements than from any other developer and we would probably have got more for the land if separately tendered. Because so few houses are built on the land our council tax take is a lot less than if we had agreed a larger number of smaller homes”.

Leaving aside the Redrow Partnership the motion also addresses the problems highlighted in local media of the sale of the freeholds of properties to greedy speculators who then hold residents to ransom with a string of charges. The motion asks for an agreement on the sale of any land by the Council that it be subject to the sale of the freehold of the land to the resident being included in the initial sale. If that is not possible the freeholds should be held by specific companies owned by the freeholders of the estate. Liberal Democrats believe that the council should not support a system whereby unsuspecting home-owners are held to ransom by greedy profiteers.

ENDS:  Cllr Juarez can be contacted on 07954 434476

Cllr Makinson can be contacted on 07939 220336

Attached below the full text of the motion

Cllr Mirna Juarez    Cllr Andrew Makinson

Housing Policy

Council believes that Jeremy Corbyn is right when he says that good housing should be for the “Many and Not the Few”. Accordingly, it requests the Mayor of Liverpool to end the Partnership with Redrow Homes and advertise all land suitable for housing in the Council’s ownership to all builders producing more modest and affordable homes which would keep more of our young people in the City after their first move from apartments and by having a higher density would bring greater council tax revenues for the City.

Further it calls on council land to be sold for housing only if the freehold is sold to the house purchaser as part of the original sale.

About richardkemp

Leader of the Liberal Democrats in Liverpool. Deputy Chair and Lib Dem Spokesperson on the LGA Community Wellbeing Board. Married to the lovely Cllr Erica Kemp CBE with three children and four grandchildren.
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