Fight For Europe this Saturday in Croxteth Park


Join us at Croxteth Park on Saturday. Bring your flags; bring your whistles; bring your mates!

This Saturday Afternoon – 14th October – I will be joining what I hope will be thousands of my fellow Scousers at a pro-Europe rally in Croxteth Park. The decision to leave the EU; Single Market and Customs Union is just too big a decision facing this Country for those of us who believe in EU membership not to give our all to the very last minute to try and keep us in.

Everything that will affect the lives of my Children and Grandchildren will be badly worsened if we leave. My generation will not be so badly affected unless we get old or we get ill!

  • Our NHS and Social Care systems will be starved of funds if we leave the EU because growth will continue on  the slide that we have seen post Brexit. There will be less money to pay for it which may be just as well because there will be less staff to spend it on. The NHS is already seeing a huge cut in the number of people from the EU applying to work here and many are going home. The staffing crisis is already leading to the cancellation of operations and procedures and the closure of wards. 7% of all the jobs available in social care and the NHS are currently vacant and the vacancy rate is increasing.
  • Our Universities are seeing reduced numbers of students from the EU and because of indecision from the rest of the World as well. They are being frozen out of pan-European Research programmes.
  • 2 million people do not know if they can continue to call the UK their home.
  • Business investment is hit with a huge reduction in the number of cars being registered. The bosses of global car manufacturing brands have warned that their next investment decision will be continental Europe and not the UK.
  • Banks are shifting lucrative jobs to Paris and Frankfurt
  • Our holidays will get more expensive with more border controls and a weakening £
  • The hard border will create major problems for peace in Northern Ireland as it will contravene the Good Friday agreement and promote lawlessness and smuggling.

Meanwhile the Promised Land is not on the horizon. Remember the trade deals which would come to an independent UK? The USA was going to be the first. Now look at the trade sanctions being imposed by them which will affect 4,000 jobs in Northern Ireland. Then the Commonwealth would rally to the Mother Country. All major potential trading partners in the Commonwealth would prefer a trade agreement with the EU than a new one with the UK. Finally the EU would realise the evil of its ways and would beseech us to remain of their club in terms of access to markets without having to pay our share of the responsibilities and decisions. No the EU will treat us as it treats any other Country which is outside its borders. They will negotiate the best possible terms for the remaining 27 members.

Meanwhile two Parties fiddle while we slide into the abyss. “You are more indecisive than us, Labour accuse the Conservatives and the Conservatives accuse Labour. “Our BREXIT is better than your BREXIT”, Conservatives taunt Labour and Labour taunt the Conservatives.

Meanwhile Lib Dems stand firm. There is no indecisiveness in our approach. There is no such thing as a ‘Good Brexit’. The only way forward for our Country is an Exit from Brexit!

That’s what every Lib Dem present will say on Saturday and we believe that this is what the vast majority of people who attend that rally will also believe.

Whatever you were thinking of doing on Saturday afternoon it is your duty, if you are a Remainer, to be in Croxteth Park between 2pm and 4 pm. Your presence must be seen; your voice must be heard. Together we can stop BREXIT, together we must stop BREXIT.

About richardkemp

Leader of the Liberal Democrats in Liverpool. Deputy Chair and Lib Dem Spokesperson on the LGA Community Wellbeing Board. Married to the lovely Cllr Erica Kemp CBE with three children and four grandchildren.
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