“Liverpool Liberal Democrats go on the Offensive on three key issues”

St Georges Hall

The threat to Liverpool’s World Heritage Site is just one the three threats to our City’s future that Liverpool’s Lib Dem Councillors want to see discussed at the July Council meeting.

Liverpool’s Liberal Democrat Group have tabled three resolutions that they wish to see considered at the meeting of the Liverpool City Council on Wednesday 19th. July.

Councillor Richard Kemp the Liberal Democrat Leader in Liverpool says, “There are three crises of confidence blowing up in Liverpool on which Liverpool Council will be judged locally, nationally and globally. The partial treatment of the Council’s Chief Executive; the potential loss of our World Heritage Site and the council’s withdrawal from the Liverpool City Region which will damage the futures of all 1.7 million people who live here.

Each of these is damaging in its own right but together there is a tsunami being created which will cause long-standing harm to the City and its people. We only have the right to put down one motion at a meeting of the City Council but because of the urgency of all three issues and the fact that the next council after July is mid-September we are asking for all three matters to be considered at the July meeting.

We are pleased that for two of these items we have been supported by the Liberal Group and hope that the Greens and forward thinking members of the Labour Party will also support them when they come forward either in Council or Select Committee”.



Full Texts of the motions to the Council

  1.    Equal Treatment of all Employees of the Council

      Cllrs Richard Kemp CBE, Andrew Makinson; Mirna Juarez; Malcolm Kelly; Steve Radford; Kevin Morrison

Council believes that not only is a fundamental tenet of British Law that all people are treated equally in the legal and judicial systems but it also believes that all staff must be treated equally in the council’s disciplinary systems.

Council notes that since 2009 58 employees in PO and SO grades have been suspended without prejudice of which three were suspended because of legal matters outside their immediate work on the Council. It noted that 36 of these subsequently returned to work within the Council.

It notes that 1 employee has been allowed to cease to work on full pay outside the normal system.

It requests the Head of the Paid Service to immediately conduct a review of all staffing procedures to ensure that all staff are treated equally in potential and actual disciplinary matters in order to ensure true fairness in the council’s procedures.

  1.    Liverpool City Region – Working Together

      Cllrs Richard Kemp CBE, Andrew Makinson; Mirna Juarez; Malcolm Kelly; Steve Radford; Kevin Morrison

Council believes that Liverpool and the UK face a period of sustained economic difficulties caused by the run up to and aftermath of BREXIT.

It therefore believes that all politicians of all Parties should be prepared to work together in these troubled times to ensure that the problems caused to the people of the Liverpool City Region  are minimised.

It therefore calls upon the Mayor of Liverpool to retake his place on the City Region Cabinet and to reinstate the staff that he has withdrawn from the City Region’s operations.

  1. UNESCO World Heritage Site

Cllrs Richard Kemp CBE, Andrew Makinson, Mirna Juarez, Malcolm Kelly

Council notes that Liverpool is unique in having the UNESCO World Heritage Site as part of its commercial centre

It notes that the designation:

  1.    Provides a uniqueness to our offer to commerce which distinguishes it from other competing cities;
  2.    Provides an opportunity to drive up architectural standards in the City to preserve its vibrancy and uniqueness for future generation.
  3. Enhances its tourist offer in a highly competitive market.

However it also notes that after repeated warnings this status is under threat because the Council is choosing not to enforce high standards; take note of buffer zone requirements and allow too much development close to the WHS.

Accordingly it requests the Mayor to seek advice from English Heritage; the Merseyside Civic Society; SAVE and the Victorian Society with a view to taking urgent and immediate steps to preserve this vital status.

It also calls for the Local Development Framework which was originally due to be finished by the end of 2011 to be completed and signed off to Government by April 2018 at the latest in order that up to date provisions can be used to inform decisions of the planning committee and the officers that serve it.




About richardkemp

Leader of the Liberal Democrats in Liverpool. Deputy Chair and Lib Dem Spokesperson on the LGA Community Wellbeing Board. Married to the lovely Cllr Erica Kemp CBE with three children and four grandchildren.
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