Lib Dems to take local campaigns to Parliament


Joe Anderson would not be able to do a ‘Redrow’ in places like Calderstones Park and Sefton Park Meadowlands if our proposals for new legislation were carried

The five Liverpool Liberal Democrat Candidates for Liverpool have produced a 5 point mini-manifesto for the City which draws on the national manifesto and which continues the local campaigns on which we have been active in the city for the past few years.

Chief amongst the policies will be:

  • The EU where Lib Dems will fight to keep the UK in the EU because of the damage it will do to local businesses, universities and the NHS;
  • The environment where Lib Dems will promote a Bill to prevent councils selling off parkland like Sefton Park Meadowlands and Calderstones Park where there is a clear park or community use established;
  • The NHS where Lib Dems support the national call for a 1% income tax increase largely on the wealthiest 50% of the population and where locally they will pledge to keep the health services provided in the community by Liverpool Community Health inside a separate community led health organisation rather than with an acute hospital;
  • Transport where Lib Dems will press for the continuation of HS2; more powers to local councils for bus regulation and better control on the taxi market; and
  • A fair funding formula for councils and other bodies such as museums and arts sectors of Liverpool

This is the mini-manifesto in full:



  1. Our first priority is to stop BREXIT.


We will ensure that we stay in the single market with free movement of Labour and students.


We will fight against a hard Brexit and for a second referendum once the terms negotiated by the Government are known.


  1. We will defend our NHS and fully support the proposals to raise income tax and/or National Insurance by 1% to provide much needed extra funding for health and social care which will raise more than £6 billion. The biggest crisis we face is in social care with up to 15% of the hospital beds in Liverpool occupied by people who are no longer ill. We need to free up those expensive and inappropriate bed uses by increasing the provision in people’s homes and residential care.


We need to ensure the free movement into the Country of the medical and support professionals from other countries which provide 20% of the NHS workforce and without which our NHS will grind to a halt.


Within Liverpool we would press for the work of Liverpool Community Health to be kept in a community based Trust. We would demand that powers for decision making over health and social care issues be brought down from London to the Liverpool City Region.


  1. Our communications with the rest of the World needs improving. Our new Deep Water Port will not be able to function at full capacity unless road links are improved from the Port, and the HS2 West Coast main line improvements are made. HS3 is also vital to connect our port and the whole city to the rest of the North across the Pennines.


We believe that a new review needs to be made of the potential for full bus deregulation without increasing financial pressures on the new Combined Authorities; for a review of taxi de-regulation and a fair share of the Country’s resources to upgrade Liverpool’s crumbling transport infrastructure both internally and regionally.


  1. We would campaign within parliament for a fair funding formula to the Council and other public sector bodies such as Museums and Galleries, the NHS and the Local Enterprise Partnership to enable us to improve our local economic competitiveness. Too great a proportion of money gets spent by Government in London and the South East.


  1. We will support or instigate legislation to prevent the sale of publicly owned parkland or green space used on a non-profit making basis, without the provision of equivalent new space within the area. This will take our campaigns against the sale of Calderstones Park and Sefton Park Meadowlands to the national arena and provide hard legislation to make park and public space sell offs illegal.


We will work for a full review of the planning system to allow communities the right to challenge planning decisions on the same basis as developers. This will strengthen the hands of ours and other councils to preserve the uniqueness of place which make places unique and enjoyable. In Liverpool it would enhance protection for our World Heritage Site and adjacent areas.


About richardkemp

Leader of the Liberal Democrats in Liverpool. Deputy Chair and Lib Dem Spokesperson on the LGA Community Wellbeing Board. Married to the lovely Cllr Erica Kemp CBE with three children and four grandchildren.
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