Vote with Hope in Your Heart on Thursday

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Elect me on Thursday and I will put all my passion, energy and experience to work on behalf

of the City and its people

Thursday marks the end of an appalling election in Liverpool. It will not be appalling in terms of the Lib Dem vote. We are very confident in a big boost to our vote in all three contests that people can vote for in Liverpool.

No it’s been appalling because there has been next to no discussion of some of the things that most need doing in the city. I think that there are three reasons for this:

The lack of hustings debates in the city. There has only been one community based hustings meeting in the City and that was in my ward! Croxteth Gems tried to hold one but much too late in the day when everyone’s diaries had been filled. I cannot say why this is you have to ask the community groups, amenity groups, churches and similar who should have been doing something about it. Noticeable by their absence were debates about employment creation and jobs. Last time both the Chamber of Commerce and Downtown in Liverpool had a hustings. This year not a peep from either of them.

The lack of long-term coverage by the media. In London the media has been reporting on mayoral issues since last June. There have been hundreds of articles and the media have both arranged their own hustings and interviews but reported extensively on others. Here in Liverpool the media only really got interested at the end of March and even then the coverage has been sketchy.

The lack of policy promotion by the candidates and Parties. I am amazed that, given all the issues which face our City, the only Party to come up with a detailed manifesto was the Lib Dems. I will come back to that later.

Labour put out two gimmicks. The first was to host the Commonwealth Games in 2026. I actually think that is a good idea BUT this is not a new idea. It was actually discussed in June last year. When I rang the council’s officers to find out what had happened since then the answer was nothing. So this great idea of Labour’s is not thought through and is totally uncosted. All we have is a letter to the Government asking for help towards the idea. Similarly with their big plan for new private sector homes for sale. At the prices they are talking about these can only mean one bed apartments with the occasional 2 bed thrown in. What do we have a glut of in Liverpool at the moment – yes you guessed it – small apartments!

The Greens, as is their way put out a wish list – uncosted, incoherent and ill thought through.

No-one else bothered at all.

So what hasn’t been discussed?

  • The creation of good quality, high paying jobs.
  • The health inequalities both between our City and the national average and within our City.
  • The environment generally
  • Social housing
  • Promotion and marketing of Liverpool
  • How we should run and scrutinise our political work.
  • The appalling state of the Council’s finances

And many, many more things. You can see what we think about these issues at What you cannot do is hear or find what the other Parties think of them nor can you hear a debate between candidates which would have brought out the differences between us and perhaps shown where we could work together in the common good.

So we have had largely a negative campaign. But I hope that people will not just vote against Parties and, in the case of Mayor Anderson, just vote against him as an individual. I hope that people will consider whatever evidence they can find and vote for a candidate and Party who they feel can take this city forward.

This last week was a great one for our City as well as for the brave families of the Hillsborough victims and LFC. Those of us that live here know that this city has a strong, proud, innovative and compassionate heart to it. We know that this is a great city that could be greater. But we will only make it great if two things happen:

  1. We need a shared vision for our city. A long-term plan which will look scientifically at our problems and opportunities and convert them into strengths and opportunities.
  1. We involve all the citizens, organisations and businesses of our city in delivering that vision. This city will only work if we all have a piece of the action; if we all can use our own passions and interests and knowledge to create a small part of a greater whole.

This City does not belong to any mayor or any Party or any council. It belongs to its people. If and when we move to a position of power in the city we will take that power and give it away to people to help deliver that big vision, that big intent.

If we become ‘Team Liverpool’ there is no City that can take us on. If we work together I honestly believe that the best days for Liverpool are yet to come. If you want to help us in any way lest us know at


About richardkemp

Leader of the Liberal Democrats in Liverpool. Deputy Chair and Lib Dem Spokesperson on the LGA Community Wellbeing Board. Married to the lovely Cllr Erica Kemp CBE with three children and four grandchildren.
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2 Responses to Vote with Hope in Your Heart on Thursday

  1. People of Liverpool need to vote for the person to lead this City with their hearts and also their minds, they need to vote for who does the most for this City, bells and whistles.

    I have been a resident in my adoptive City of Liverpool since 2009, I have seen many changes, I have seen a lot of the life sucked out of the City that was one here that drew me to move here in the first place most of which has been quite heart wrenching to see vanish.

    Where did the life blood of this City go, I could tell you where it went but I am reluctant to use profanities at this time of night.

    I have worked and lived in this glorious City for many years, I worked here for many years before I moved here, but that really means nothing to the folks of Liverpool, it does to me though, I was here during the Capital of Culture debates, and thankfully Liverpool gained the Capital of Culture in 2008, which adding to that, where are things now almost 8 years on from it, the Town Hall bosses would not use what was gained for Liverpool’s advantage, come to think of it, I am sure I was here when the Super Lamb Banana was in its infancy, that’s nice and pretty to name those two things, Liverpool always had more, should have more, and can have more, I moved here knowing Liverpool was on the brink of greatness, I also know the administration at the time played a major part in the City’s power and progress to gain what I mentioned above, for those who want to know, I came here from across the borders, I lived in Manchester, boo hiss to that too.

    Do we need as a City to face another administration who’s lost their essence of what Liverpool is all about?, do we need another administration who plays Russian Roulette with the City’s finances?, some maybe happy with what we currently have, that’s grand and nothing to begrudged at but for me, I want to see the City back to its former Glory, I want to see the City back to where it first drew me too, more so I want to see this City with a robust future for generations and not just for Christmas, I am fed up with folks just accepting things because they feel they have no choice, “Oh its Labour through and through” well people, it certainly doesn’t have to be this way, I want folks to have pride back in their City, I mean come on, Liverpool once had a global stage presence which sadly this current administration has all but forgotten about.

    Mention Liverpool anywhere on this planet and sadly what we had is often lost, we are a City that has more than just the Beatles, we are more than a brand we are one hell of a proud bunch of folks, we are a feisty bunch of folks, we are a City who doesn’t rest on our laurels, oh yes we have many of them too, sadly though, this current administration wants to take them very laurels and replace them with concrete and steel, can you really allow that to happen, we are above all else a proud City that has other places left in envy!, yes I will say again you are my adoptive City, I will however say that I am not here to see what we had be banished to the history books and see what is left of the City to be something kids look up on in Libraries, oh wait, this current administration wants them gone too, *sigh*

    Can I put my faith into Councillor Richard Kemp to drag this City out of the doldrums where its lain for the past 4 years, oh hell yes, and that is not because of my political persuasion, Richard and indeed Erica don’t have blood through their veins like us, they have Liverpool in their veins, the whole kit and caboodle, I’m sure if you asked Richard he has Made in Liverpool proudly stamped on the souls of his feet, now that to me means more than someone who is just in it for the fat pay cheque at the end of the month, it means more to Richard, he has the pride, the feistiness, I mention above, he has drive but more so, he has vision, that is just what this City is akin for.

    I have read the current shall we say mandates for other nominated candidates for the Mayoral position and who else can boast the same, it saddens me to think that the City could fall foul to the rhetoric put out by some other candidates but its needless to say they have done so not because of their pride for the City or their passion, they have done so simply because they want the Job, they want to call home and tell the family they are the Mayor of Liverpool, that is all the other candidates spell out to me, there is no real drive or emphasis on how to move this City forwards not for just the future but for generations, other than Richard.

    We have very few opportunities in life to make real changes to our very way of life, we have lost so damn much because of the current administration I would say what else is left, surely we cannot let what is left be taken from us because of an administration who forgets about its people.

    We can all vote on the 5th May, we can all vote to leave things laying in the doldrums or we can say, “you know what, enough is enough” its not that difficult to see from looking around you what can be achieved, Liverpool can be stamped back onto the global stage and not just on the bottom of Richards feet.

    I am voting for Change, I am voting for Drive, I am voting for Vision, I am voting for Richard

  2. John Smith says:

    The previous Mayoral election had no mandate and a really poor turnout. It suited Joe Anderson to call a quick election – it didn’t give the opposition much time to organise.

    This time around, let’s vote for Richard and turn things around. In the process, we should be able to find out what’s been done with our hard-earned cash; the current administration plays fast and loose with public accountability.

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