Commonwealth games Bid – Peter Kilfoyle nails it!!!

Labour Rose

The Labour Rose is wilting in Liverpool as the comrades fall out

Sometimes I wonder why I bother. With Labour imploding before our eyes and many Labour members never mind voters jumping ship and voting for me on May 5th I think I could shut up shop and let them fight it out amongst themeselves..

Nowere is this more true than the thoughts of a very much respected former Minister and Labour MP, Peter Kilfoyle. I reproduce below his thoughts on the Mayors statement on the hosting of the Commonwealth games. The only thing I need to add to it is that this is not a  new statement. It was made last June and published extensively in the Echo. The Mayor made clear then that he would bid for the Games if the Government paid for it. What has he done since then to work with the Government on what is at face value a good idea? Apparently nothing.

Here is what Peter Kilfoyle said:

                                                  Spin until you are dizzy

Full marks to the mayoral spin doctors for getting coverage for their man for a third night on the trot they must have something on the editor!! It must be a first for a Labour candidate to get such exposure in “The Echo “for a local election. Fresh back from his American freebie, the mayor must be chuffed.

However , a Commonwealth Games bid is not all it seems .We will “consider hosting the 2026 Commonwealth Games “, says the mayor . Sorry, Joe, you have this wrong. The games organisers will consider Liverpool ( if we apply ), not the other way around .That is , if we can guarantee funding  Taking Glasgow as a guide – and they had the support of two governments – Liverpool’s contribution alone would be around £120 million . This a huge amount for a cash-strapped city in which Joe is giving money away to businesses like a drunken sailor. It also assumes more back from the government than they have taken away in grants under their austerity regime. Fat chance!

More worrying is the timetable .These games would be in ten years’ time, in 2026. Mayor Anderson says he will be off in 2017.  There can, therefore, only be two explanations of a serious bid. Firstly is the assumption that Mayor Anderson believes he can bequeath to his city successors his diktat for what should happen in the city long after he has jumped from the Liverpool City Council ship .

The alternative explanation is that he is confident of winning the Labour nomination for LCR mayor and winning the post in 2017 .Then he could, if successful, push for the games from his new position. However, what would his colleagues in the other authorities think of this ? Who has been consulted? Or is it all just a flight of fancy? Joe’s business friends may be party to his plans, but what of his colleagues?

The timing of his letter seeking support from John Whittingdale is unfortunate to put it mildly. As the Secretary of State is being roasted over his liaison with a prostitute, he has other things on his mind than Joe’s election gimmicks. It does not augur well for a plea for financial aid .Nil points to the spinners for intelligent timing!!

Wha do you think folks?


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Leader of the Liberal Democrats in Liverpool. Deputy Chair and Lib Dem Spokesperson on the LGA Community Wellbeing Board. Married to the lovely Cllr Erica Kemp CBE with three children and four grandchildren.
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