How should Liverpool’s Leading Politician behave?


How this man behaves is vitally important to our City

Yesterday I issued a press release outlining some proposals that the Lib Dems have for dealing with changes that we believe will need to be looked at in the changed circumstances in which the Council finds itself in so many ways. Many of you have e-mailed to discuss what we are putting forward or commented on Twitter or elsewhere. Not everyone agreed with our solutions, although most did. However all the people who responded thought the questions that we are raising should be asked. Not everyone thought so however.
The Echo quite properly invited Mayor Anderson to respond to what I had said and you can see from the response below that his response failed to address the points I made in my letter to the Boundary Commission and resorted once again to an attempted character assassination of my Wife and I.
This is what the Echo journalist sent me so that I could respond to the response!!
E-mail from the Echo including the e-mail from the Mayor

I got a response from Mayor Anderson – see below – and have included some of it in my story, but I have held back the last paragraph until i can get a response from you…

Quote from Joe below.

“I don’t remember Richard Kemp making any attempt to reduce the number of Councillors when the Lib-Dems were in control with 80 out of 99 Councillors. It was the Local Government Boundary Commission who made and recommended the change in boundaries and numbers in the City. I have been in discussion with the Boundary Commission regarding a review of ward boundaries and councillor numbers and their timetable indicates the earliest available slot for Liverpool to be reviewed is not until 2018. I am proud of the good work that Labour Councillors do in their communities, who now more than at any other time, need them. My Councillors tell me that their surgeries are busier now than they have ever been, with people seeking help, support and guidance as the harsh reality of the government’s austerity measures bite the most vulnerable.

If residents of his own ward are telling Kemp they are not happy then perhaps he should look to his own ‘group’ of two – his wife and himself – and ask why that is. Perhaps this will have something to do with Mr Kemp making at least eight foreign trips last year at taxpayers’ expense, not representing his residents but indulging his own pet projects, and when he is in the country he is in his house in London – in total spending months outside of the City.”

My response to what the Mayor claims

The Mayor is wrong in many ways.

I was the chair of the committee which recommended that the number of councillors be reduced from 99 to 90 which was accepted by the Boundary Commission.

We have never had 80 councillors the maximum that we got elected was 68 although 4 defected to us to make a total of 72

I have made no foreign trips at Liverpool or UK taxpayer’s expense neither were they my pet projects. I represent UK local government on the world body for local government (UCLG) and have done some work on a voluntary basis for them in areas where they are having difficulty. I always take the opportunity when representing the UK abroad to raise the profile of Liverpool and have brought more than 40 senior Mayors, councillors and diplomats to Liverpool last year using my contacts.

I have not been out of the City for months. Most of my trips are very short involving no more than 2/3/4 days. I spent a total of 7 weeks outside the City last year and that included my annual holiday with Erica in Spain during which time I issued 4 press release and conducted a number of interviews with the local media!

I do not own a property in London and have not done since the summer of 2013. It was not a house but a very small flat! I spent two nights in London in the whole of 2015

It’s a pity that Mr Anderson cannot concentrate on the real issues which face our city but prefers to indulge in personal abuse. I would remind him that last year he predicted I would lose my seat. I held it with a convincing majority.

Things have changed massively since 2010. In real terms we have a budget only 60% in real terms of what it was. We have had a similar reduction in staff. We will lose further influence to the city region. Circumstances are very different to what they were pre 2010 and the council needs to recognise that.

Cllr Richard Kemp

What do you think?
Do you think that the response from the Mayor is an appropriate one for our leading politician? This man is our outward face to the world. He is the person seen by investors and government alike. How the Mayor, any Mayor, behaves is crucially important in taking our city forward especially when we are falling so badly behind Manchester.
I was going to put a poll on here but there is a much bigger poll on May 5th perhaps the Mayor ought to reflect on that!

Blog Update 6th January 2016
Only 2 days ago I wrote about the inappropriate language of the Mayor and the way that he presents our City to the World. I was the told about his choice of words in the Financial Times today. This is exactly what is printed in today’s FT about Erica and Me,

“He represents him and his wife. In their group they have a fallout every day over breakfast. He farts and people take notice. He’s someone who says things for annoyance”.
I don’t read the FT but I do recognise that it is the leading newspaper in the UK and probably Europe which is read by inward investors. If Joe Anderson really thinks that by talking like this he is going to bring investment to our City he is seriously deluded”.

About richardkemp

Leader of the Liberal Democrats in Liverpool. Deputy Chair and Lib Dem Spokesperson on the LGA Community Wellbeing Board. Married to the lovely Cllr Erica Kemp CBE with three children and four grandchildren.
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3 Responses to How should Liverpool’s Leading Politician behave?

  1. joedd says:

    When Mayor Andersons back is to the wall he always resorts to abusive comments, the remakes about Cllr Kemp and his wife just shows how insecure and uncouth he is. I have got to know Cllr Kemp in the last year and he is a decent man who shows empathy.

    Mayor Anderson mentioned Cllr Kemp trips being paid for by the tax payer…… Oh dear obviously ”Joe” hasn’t heard of the cliché ” Those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones…..

    ”Remember Anderson v Chesterfield High School – we the public paid Mayor Anderson’s *PRIVATE* legal fees of £89.500 which is an eye watering figure to take out of the public purse when the city is in a state of Austerity……

    ……. and talking about pet projects what about the Cunard Building – the Mayor openly said this has always been his dream – not the publics dream but his dream…….. the public purse once again paid £15.59m for the Cunard Building – all because the Mayor had a dream.

    We have recently had a death of a vulnerable adult in Liverpool due to lack of duty of care – the client walked out of a secure care home and 14 days later the person was found dead on the Gladstone Docks ……… ”yeah Mayor Anderson you give us a great service”……

  2. Paul Traynor says:

    Typical mouthy response from Anderson I shout the loudest ,its the Tory’s yea right £89,000 to pay back the other feeble labour councilors who won’t stand up to him but clap when he shouts pp

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