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I am looking forward to receiving high quality answers to these questions at Full Council from this gentleman!!

As the Mayor of Liverpool cannot be challenged in any way within the council, and rarely goes out to pre-advertised, pre-arranged meetings with the people of Liverpool there are very few opportunies to question him. For that reasons I asked people to let me have the questions they would like me to put down for written answer at the November Council meeting. These are largely what has come in so far. I have had to exclude a few for legal or technical reasons!

If you have any questions that you would like me to ask the Mayor please let me know by 6 p.m. on Sunday as they have to be submitted by noon the next day. Let me have them at

Questions for the Mayor
Council – November 2015

1. The Mayor and the People of Liverpool

On how many occasions since 2012 has the Mayor attended advertised public meetings with Liverpool Residents?

On how many occasions since 2012 has the Mayor held advertised question and answer sessions with the people of Liverpool?

2. Green Space Review

When do we anticipate that the Green Space Review will be published?
Has the Mayor held any meetings with Simon O’Brien about the state of the review and its potential findings?

3. Education Commission

When will the final report from Baroness Morris be published?
Does the Mayor agree that effective bench-making with other cities would be a lasting legacy for her work?

4. Food Banks

Has any independent review been undertaken of the effectiveness of the resources given to Food Banks in comparison with other methods of providing food to those that need it?

5. Sefton Park Meadowlands

How many meetings have been held between officers of the planning department and Redrow Homes regarding the planning application which relates to the proposed development on Sefton Park Meadowlands?

Would he be prepared to attend a public meeting with local residents?

6. Partnership with Redrow Homes

How many sites have been discussed for disposal to Redrow Homes as part of the Partnership with that company?

7. Liverpool City Region

When do we anticipate getting a response from the Government regarding the very weak bid for devolved powers for the Liverpool City Region?

Will the Mayor confirm that all Labour Leaders in the Liverpool City Region are prepared to accept an elected regional Mayor?

Given that a Regional Mayor could replace the Elected Police Commissioner would he advise on discussions with the Government as to whether or not an election for a police commissioner will take place next year?

8. Mayoral Development Zones

When was the last report prepared and presented on the 5 Mayoral Development Zones. Would the Mayor state for each of the zones how the Zone is performing against targets for:

Inward investment
New jobs created
New homes created

9. Industrial Tribunal

Will the Mayor confirm the date at which the council, agreed to meet all his costs on his failed Industrial Tribunal Case against his former employers?

10. Bus Lane Review

Is the Mayor intending to conduct a review of the changed bus lanes in the city to see whether they have increased or lengthened journey times and congestion?

11. Heron Eccles Playing Field

Will the Mayor please confirm if any discussion have been held about the future users of the Heron Eccles Playing Field in Abbotshey Avenue? If the answer is yes who were they with? Would he confirm that a section 25 notice has been served on the MYA to leave the ground by mid-April 2016? Have any discussions been held with local residents and councillors about a potential change of operator for the sports field? Is the Mayor aware of the congestion and serious traffic problems which already exist in the area?

Would the Mayor be prepared to attend a public meeting with local residents if proposals are made to change the operator and conditions of operation?

12. Walton Hall Park

Given that the Mayor informed the press in the summer that a further announcement about EFC and Walton Hall Park would be made in October would he please state when an announcement would be made and whether negotiations for the disposal of part of the Park are proceeding?

Would he be prepared to attend a public meeting about the potential development of the Park with local residents?
13. Former Manweb Playing Fields, Wavertree

Would the Mayor please inform us of the current state of negotiations over the future of the Manweb playing fields in Wavertree?
Would the Mayor be prepared to attend a public meeting to meet local residents to discuss the issue?
14. Liverpool Waters

Given that the Labour attacked me in 2011 for destroying the jobs potential for North Liverpool by supporting Liverpool’s continued World Heritage Status would the Mayor please confirm:
How much has been spent in the LW development since that date
How many construction jobs have been created?
How many permanent jobs have been created?
How many homes have been created?
Cllr Richard Kemp CBE

Further questions to Mayor submitted on 26th October

John Lennon Airport
Is the Mayor aware that the company which is advising the Council on an enhanced involvement in John Lennon Airport appeared to be expressing doubts just six months six months ago about its ability to classify the company as a going concern? It said, “In particular the continued availability of existing or revised bank facilities and the receipt of such additional shareholder funding as may be needed to repay the facilities, indicate the existence of a material uncertainty which may cast significant doubt of the group’s and the company’s ability to continue as a going concern”. This being the second year in a row that the auditor had raised such concerns.
Has the Mayor considered why if additional shareholder inputs are required for such a good opportunity as the report suggest Peel, which is a company with more than 400 companies worldwide are unable or unwilling to provide the finance themselves?
Can the Mayor guarantee that the deal with JLA and the wider Peel group will ensure that the Council does not lose money and will benefit from the deal?
Will the Council in any way accept and responsibility or liability for the £76 million of accrued debt in the Company’s accounts?
Sefton Park Bridge
Given the increased stress on the road systems in South Liverpool, particularly from Allerton and Mossley Hill has the Mayor considered reopening the bridge in Sefton Park to through vehicular traffic?
International Garden Festival Site
Would the Mayor please update the community on his proposals for reinvigorating the Park on the former IGF site and bringing forward the development of the approximately 1,300 properties for which the site has planning permission and which would go a long way toward meeting immediate needs for ‘Executive’ housing?
Cash Reserves held by the Council
Would the Mayor please state the size of the cash reserves of the council indicating:
The amount held for schools
The amount held for specific considerations such as S106 agreements
The amount held in specific allocated reserves outside this
The amount as a working reserve to deal spending fluctuation.

Heron Eccles Play Field, Abbotshey Avenue

Would the Mayor confirm if discussiosn have been taking place with any organisation about the termination of the lease for MYA at these playing fields and the replacement with an organisation seeking to develop this sports venue commerically?

Would the Mayor indicate when these discussions started and who they are with?

Are they subject to any future planning applications?


About richardkemp

Leader of the Liberal Democrats in Liverpool. Deputy Chair and Lib Dem Spokesperson on the LGA Community Wellbeing Board. Married to the lovely Cllr Erica Kemp CBE with three children and four grandchildren.
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1 Response to Questions to Council

  1. Paul traynor says:

    The people of Liverpool should wise up to I know it all

    bully Anderson what a sham of democracy that he cannot be challenged by asking questions are people to thick to realise the implications of this. ! £89000 pounds for legal fees for a start and the rhetoric its the Tories go back to Brown Darling who bailed out the bankers no questions asked
    And was never voted as pm green spaces. No brownfield alternatives student flats instead of social housing redrow profits before people .

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