The close relationships that bedevil Liverpool

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You would think that being a Mayor would be a pretty full time job wouldn’t you? But Mayor Anderson has time to invent all sorts of rubbish.
He has been particularly stung by my assertion in a tweet today about there being too close a relationship with Redrow. Redrow you will recall was a level two sponsor for his dinner at the end of May where, according to Joe Anderson’s website money was raised for Joe Anderson’s campaign funds.
This is how Mayor Anderson responded in an e-mail to me:
Cllr Kemp
The number of people in your party who have given me information regarding your past behaviour on the Council has remained confidential as I have no reason to raise the issue because quite frankly you are an irrelevance.
However when you continue to smear, the way you do without any foundation or justification, I think I have to reconsider. I just have to remind you how hated you are within your Party, that I have no problem getting information even when I don’t want it. I know how Trevor, helped get you out of the ++++ with Lord Derby and your North Liverpool Partnership behaviour. Then the Boot Estate albeit a long time ago, the new info I have is absolutely shocking. You would be amazed at the number of people who still remain very prominent in the Public Sector who need LCC support and who as they say, “sing like a bird”. I am minded to have a Motion to Council on standards but would much prefer it if you would ask me questions under the new Mayoral Question time, I really would appreciate and look forward to that. For the record our housing JV is a procured and transparent partnership, CBRE negotiated the commercial rent as they do for all tenants in Cunard. I hope to receive on Twitter a full apology for your comments and a cessation of your smears. I am of course willing to raise issues at whatever forum you wish in the near future.

Mayor Anderson
My reply is, I hope, a little more literate and considered:

Mayor Anderson

I sometimes think you live in a fantasy world. I’ve never met Lord Derby never mind needed to be rescued in some way by Trevor Jones because of a disagreement with him

You will recall that an independent review of the Boot estate found that I had taken responsibility for the incompetence of officers.

I suspect that I am far more popular with my party than you are with yours. You really want to find out what they think about you.

The likelihood is that I will not be asking you many questions. Your replies usually are as fantastic as your e-mails!

Kind regards

For the record I have never ever met or done anything with, for or against the Earl of Derby
I have never knowingly failed to declare an interest in items on the agenda of council or council committees.
If Mayor Anderson thinks I have done something wrong about anything at any time then the right way to deal with it is not this puerile gossip but an approach to the Police.
Perhaps he might like to tell us all what offences he thinks I have committed or do it through the local newspaper whose reporter is
And one thing I have never done unlike Mayor Anderson is try to take money out of the funds of a school for doing no work. A consultant I might have been – but an honest one!
I am only replying to the Mayor in this way because I think people should know the way he thinks and behave. There are much more serious items on the agenda such as:
• The failure to get agreement on a way forward for the Liverpool City Region which is costing us millions
• The poor exam results for secondary schools within the council’s control which could see them being forced into academy status
• The appalling waste of money spent on an incompetent system for filling potholes within the City.
• Major funding problems for adult social care
In the real world that I live in it is real issues that concern people and not junior school level bickering. Perhaps that is the level that he and I could and should work on. That’s certainly my offer to him.

About richardkemp

Leader of the Liberal Democrats in Liverpool. Deputy Chair and Lib Dem Spokesperson on the LGA Community Wellbeing Board. Married to the lovely Cllr Erica Kemp CBE with three children and four grandchildren.
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7 Responses to The close relationships that bedevil Liverpool

  1. joedd says:

    Mayor Anderson’s reply is once again weak and with theatrical confrontation, seems to me Mayor Anderson is asking for a duel with handbags.

    Mayor Anderson also has a smear campaign against me he even said publicly on Radio Merseyside ”I was a horrible person” of course this has been downloaded and save for future reference.

    Can I remind Mayor Anderson of the below

    1.Recently The Echo ran with a story about Cllr Roz Gladdens demotion, her quote to the Echo – ‘Stop spreading bile about me’: Liverpool ex-deputy mayor hits out at ‘vile’ rumours within Labour party’ – No solidarity there then.

    2 Then there was the infamous email Cllr Hanson sent to me saying I was hated by Cllr Roz Gladden which resulted in Cllr Hanson being demoted – he was stripped of an advisory role to Mayor Anderson, the demotions cost him an annual £17,000. – No solidarity there then.

    3. Then there was redundancy emails meant for trade union leaders but sent to more than 50 staff causing them great distress – sloppy and unprofessional.

    4. The funding problems for adult social care – a private agency has recently opened up a Day Centre for clients in a church hall. – ”Yes – a church hall” not the 21st century service Mayor Anderson promised – Adult Social Care has been off loaded to the private sector.

    Mayor Anderson’s email shows he is nothing more than a play ground bullying he lacks good manners, refinement, and grace.

  2. paul traynor says:

    Nice response Richard. What a horrible man.

  3. Josie says:

    Cast your mind back to last December- Richard K and J Anderson on Roger Phillips phone-in. Anderson calls Richard K a liar and then straight afterwards tells an outrageous lie ( and repeated it)- that Millenium House went out to Tender. I have it all recorded on my phone.
    Anderson is an embarrassment to the City. He’s a verbal back-street brawler. We are still waiting for him to answer 2 FOIs about who paid for his legal advice re. Kudosgate- 6 weeks late!!!!!!!!

    • joedd says:

      Mayor Anderson is all about bullying and control, his aims are to destroy the credibility and reputation of people who challenge/have a different thinking to himself, he’s done it to me.

      The way he treats the most vulnerable say the caliber of the man.

      If he thinks he has solidarity within his administration he is deluded

  4. John Smith says:

    What a terrible way for a mayor to behave. The childishness is breathtaking. I do wonder whether there is too much cosiness between the Mayor and building companies – I note that the sponsors for his recent event, which was jointly marketed as political and charitable (which is questionable in itself), were mostly property developers.

    Given the kerfuffle over public open spaces in Liverpool being sold off to property developers, Joe Anderson should be much more transparent in his dealings. The onus is on the Mayor to demonstrate that he is following proper process and procedure.

    Richard, you have nothing to fear from a smear campaign. That’s the beauty of integrity.

  5. Catherine says:

    Anderson is incapable of admitting any kind of mistake, and seems to have no difficulty telling lies and resorting to personal abuse, so this disgraceful and illiterate ranting isn’t even shocking any more. But it brings shame on us all – especially the local Labour party, which seems fine with all this. He’s in London today with the other City Region leaders, meeting DCLG Minister Greg Clark and I shudder to think what bombastic idiocy he might be coming out with.
    As for his antics with property developers, the idiot appears to genuinely believe that the deals he makes on our behalf, with our assets and money, are fine, and that because he’s mayor he can make up both process and procedure. You have to wonder why, and especially what kind of advice he’s getting from Council officers. Especially as, while he routinely abuses and ridicules people who ask him questions, they’re not exactly keen either – and are extremely reluctant to put any proper information in the public domain. So complex and costly items are discussed at meetings without any documentation. And although the Council is required by law to publish details of all spending over £500, within 30 days of the end of the month in which the payment was made, the information is always at least a month late, and full of holes.
    As a result, we are probably the only local authority in the country that refuses the names of people who have been paid for supplying consultancy (legal or otherwise) to the council, under the totally mistaken impression that this is prohibited under Data Protection law (it isn’t).
    And then there’s its appalling record on FOI requests. When it’s not denying that it even holds any information, it insists that the information it does hold “belongs” to whoever they got it from, and claims commercial confidentiality (incorrectly, in the overwhelming majority of cases). Or when really desperate, they just don’t answer at all – as in the two requests submitted months ago about the legal work done by the council and by Brabners for Anderson’s dispute with Chesterfield High – and who exactly paid for it all.
    This all shows a deliberate and very determined effort to avoid accountability by Anderson AND “his” officers.

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