Lib Dems Choose 5 Parliamentary candidates for Liverpool


Picture from Left to Right Leo Evans, Wavertree, Pat Moloney, Walton, Paul Childs, Riverside, Paul Twigger, West Derby, Anna Martin, Garston & Halewood accompanied by Cllr Richard Kemp

Five energetic campaigners have been chosen to fight for Liverpool in next May’s general election.

At its Annual General Meeting, Liberal Democrat members voted for local candidates Anna Martin, Paul Childs, Paul Twigger, Pat Moloney and Leo Evans to represent the party for 2015.

Lib Dem Leader in Liverpool, Cllr Richard Kemp said, “I am delighted that we have been able to attract such excellent candidates who are committed to a long-term campaign to bring voters back to the Liberal Democrat cause here in Liverpool. Its going to be a tough 6 months between now and the election for both our Parliamentary and council candidates but the Party is fully committed to maximising our vote next May”.

Anna Martin, 31, a Garston business owner, was selected to stand for the Garston and Halewood constituency.

Speaking about her priorities for the election Anna said:

“My local business allows me to work with and talk to many young families in Liverpool. I’m proud of what the Liberal Democrats in government have done to introduce shared parental leave, allowing parents to share a year of maternity and paternity leave as they see fit. We’ve also provided 15 hours of free childcare per week to 40% of two-year olds. I want to put families at the heart of my campaign.

More locally, I’ll be working with my Lib Dem colleagues Councillor Barbara Mace and Malcolm Kelly along with volunteers to campaign to save Woolton Woods.”

Leo Evans, 19, is a student studying at the University of Liverpool. Leo was selected for the Liverpool Wavertree constituency.

“My chief local concern is the attack on the green spaces of Liverpool from the Labour Party in places like Calderstones Park and the former MANWEB sports centre in Wavertree. But this is symptomatic of Labour’s approach nationally to the environment in which we live”

Selected to stand for Liverpool Riverside is air steward Paul Childs, (34). Paul lives in Mossley Hill with his partner and stood for the council in the area in 2012 and 2014.

Paul said: “I am passionate about being a strong voice for Riverside.

“We need a fairer voting system that re- engages voters. I would call for an end to Police Commissioners, a referendum on Elected Mayors and more accountability in Local and National Government. The Liberal Democrats have always been passionate about devolving power to the regions, and I would make sure Liverpool gets a fair deal in any call for devolved power from the south. ”

Working with his council colleagues Paul is working for a stronger economy and fairer society , and working to oppose Labour led Liverpool City councils widespread destruction of green spaces. He is currently working with fellow Riverside residents to form ‘The Friends of St Lukes Church’ in the heart of the constituency.

Paul has a particular interest in issues surrounding health , homelessness and diversity.

Former Liverpool Councillor Paul Twigger has been selected to stand for the Liverpool West Derby constituency.

Paul said: “I am delighted to have been chosen to fight the West Derby seat for the Liberal Democrats. I intend to focus on the real issues and provide local people with a real alternative. I live locally and will continue to do so unlike my opposition. I am committed to speaking up on residents’ behalf.”

Experienced community campaigner and former Childwall Councillor, Pat Moloney has been selected to fight for the Liverpool Walton constituency.

Pat said: “Britain has been for too long far to centralised to the benefit of London and the South East and the detriment of Walton, Liverpool and many other areas. It is of primary importance that Walton and Liverpool get our fair share.

“For example in the last 15 year we have seen £30 billion invested in the London Underground, £15 billion on the London Crossrail, £8.8 billion on HS1 from London to the Channel Tunnel (a total of over £50 billion) and yet HS2 which will benefit far more people than the infrastructure developments for London is proving very difficult to progress.

“Labour’s record on investment in Liverpool has been lamentable, in 13 years of government Labour repeatedly promised new hospitals for Liverpool, a new Mersey crossing and investment in local transport infrastructure and yet delivered none of them.

“It took the Liberal Democrat / Conservative coalition government to deliver a new Alder Hey Hospital and a new Royal Liverpool Hospital and a new Mersey Crossing.

“As well as employment, low pay and Social Justice are very important issues for me.

Having been a trustee of a major occupational pension scheme for many years I am very interested in pensions.”


About richardkemp

Leader of the Liberal Democrats in Liverpool. Deputy Chair and Lib Dem Spokesperson on the LGA Community Wellbeing Board. Married to the lovely Cllr Erica Kemp CBE with three children and four grandchildren.
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