What sort of retailers do you want in Liverpool?

farmers Market

Local Produce for sale at the Allerton Road farmer’s market

Over the past few days I have pondering the biggest question which never seems to be asked or answered in Liverpool, “What sort of city do we want to live in?”  I will be doing a blog about this later in the week but in the meantime here is a resolution which I have tabled for the next meeting of the City Council on the 16th April.

It deals with the retail sector and Lib Dems are saying clearly that the bland and boring supermarkets and the multiple retail chains should only be part of our retail offer. We need to support markets and independent traders because they add to the product range, give vitality to our offer and ensure that money circulates within the city rather than leeching away to tax havens.

I’ll let you know what the Council does with this resolution in due course. In the meantime – what do you think?

Leader of the Opposition Resolution for City Council

Retailing in Liverpool by Councillor Richard Kemp CBE

Council recognises that the provision of high quality markets and the development of a strong Liverpool based independent retail sector in Liverpool has many benefits including:

*    Attracting visitors into the City

*    Developing local spending patterns which keeps cash in the City instead of being drained off to tax havens.

*    Encouraging entrepreneurship (Marks & Spencer would not have been started without an indoor market and Matalan would not have been started without Great Homer Street Market).

*    The development of manufacturing activities especially in the field of locally produced food  products.

It believes that more markets and independent retailers will produce a wider range of options for the residents of the City and visitors to the city than more bland and boring supermarket chains.

Accordingly it asks the Mayor to:

1.    Redevelop the Dryden Street site for Great Homer street market at a suitable size to ensure that all existing outside pitch holders can have pitches of the same side as at present with sufficient space to park vehicles off site during the trading period.

2.    Renew efforts to find solutions to avoid 30 job losses at the Broadway market which will also have a knock on effect on the shop based retailers there.

3.    Undertake a review of all our markets strategies with Geraud to:

*    Effectively market all Farmer’s Markets

*    Create strong links between market opportunities and small manufacturing businesses.

*    Develop a wider range of locally based craft and artisan markets

*    Develop a wider range of craft markets using our council owned buildings such as St George’s Hall.

*    Review the opportunities of the Christmas market events in the City centre to create a greater set of opportunities for Merseyside based businesses.

4.    To have regular events both in markets and with shop based retailers to promote goods from large and small companies alike which are produced inside the Liverpool City Region conurbation.

5. To support initiatives like Independent Liverpool which encourage joint activities to promote independent retailers.

6. To examine the possibility of setting up mini ‘BIDS’ in each of our district centres such as Allerton Road, Aigburth Road, Walton Vale, Broadway, Old Swan, Woolton Village, Breck Road to improve the retail offer and especially to support the independent retailers on those roads.



About richardkemp

Leader of the Liberal Democrats in Liverpool. Deputy Chair and Lib Dem Spokesperson on the LGA Community Wellbeing Board. Married to the lovely Cllr Erica Kemp CBE with three children and four grandchildren.
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2 Responses to What sort of retailers do you want in Liverpool?

  1. styleuniverseeverything says:

    A little specific, but I’d like to put this out there anyway: I think a tourist type art market would be nice to have at the top of Clayton Square shopping centre. Stalls selling works by local artists, printed t-shirts etc. Such a beautiful building with great light going to waste after a lot of the shops left. Plus Liverpool is missing good tourist shopping.

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