My hopes for 2014

Everyone appears to have been doing a backward look at 2013 or a forecast for 2014 over the past two weeks. Hardly surprising really when all we have is pompous New Years messages from Leaders, Bishops and Popes and war going on in far too many places

So I will be a little different. I want to give you my hopes for 2014 on a personal; national and local level

Starting with the personal I just wish my new grandchild would arrive. We’ve had the toys ready since the due date of 24 December and Grandma Kemp and I are just waiting to see the beast! Not so much, though, as Emma who has had her maternity bag ready since Dec 1st!

I also wish Erica great year as Lord Mayor of Liverpool which will start on June 11th. She has been working hard as Deputy Lord Mayor and has already had four meetings of her charity committee which will hit the ground ready for Action on that date. She’ll make a great Lord Mayor and I have already since how she brings a twinkle to people’s eyes. My favourite moment was when she inspected the South Liverpool Sea cadets. She was shorter than every single person she inspected!

Nationally, I hope the Liberal Democrats will unashamedly make the case for Europe and for controlled but useful immigration. Most of the stories you hear about Europe are rubbish. ‘Europe’ has only about as many staff for all its functions as one large county council.  You can read all about square tomatoes and straight bananas but you will find little substance for them in EU legislation.

Yes 50% of our environmental laws are based on European legislation. Thank goodness for that. We all have to deal with new products, chemicals and toxins which are created globally. The thought that we could intelligently frame and deliver legislation in the UK which would be effective is childish.

Immigration and emigration has always been part of our history. Do you want to send people home? Well what about sending some Indians home! Ah but not the ones that have reinvigorated Jaguar Land Rover and create jobs and wealth for us all. Too many Africans? Well we can send them back apart from the ones who at all levels keep our health service going! We need immigration not least because the indigenous population is getting older. Who will pay the taxes and provide the services to look after old white geezers like me if we don’t have young people about. Breed them or invite them in – we have no other choice!

Locally I just hope that we will listen to the people of Liverpool more within our decision making process. This year the Council has agreed to sell off part of Sefton Park and in doing so ignored the wishes of the overwhelming majority of local people. It has embarked on a fortnightly bin collection with all sorts of difficulties ensuing because it failed to undertake any consultation before implementation. Lastly with no consultationexcept two brief meetings with the bus companies, it has scrapped for 9 months all the bus lanes in the city. This is already causing problems for bus companies and their passengers, and cyclists. Cars are increasingly congested especially in the city centre. A report is being prepared with terms which can only whitewash the Mayor’s approach.

At the end of the day all of us in elected position must accept that we do not own the city. We only act as trustees for the city whose owner is all its citizens.

So I’m now back off to sit with my worry beads and prepare to receive our grandchild. My best wishes to all of you for 2014. May times truly get better; may the wealth of this country and this world be spread more fairly; may we all work together to achieve these things after an honest and open none-partisan debate.


About richardkemp

Leader of the Liberal Democrats in Liverpool. Deputy Chair and Lib Dem Spokesperson on the LGA Community Wellbeing Board. Married to the lovely Cllr Erica Kemp CBE with three children and four grandchildren.
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3 Responses to My hopes for 2014

  1. joedd says:

    The problem with elected members they forget they are servants of the people. Next May there will be elections in England for over 4,000 councillors. If councillors are not listening to the electorate – ‘vote them out’

  2. Churchill says:

    “Immigration and emigration has always been part of our history.”
    No it hasn’t. Before 1948 99.8% of the population was white. You are attempting to distort history to your own political ends. We do not eat up the BBC propaganda nor your soviet-esque distortion of history. We know exactly what you are doing.

    “Nationally, I hope the Liberal Democrats will unashamedly make the case for Europe and for controlled but useful immigration.”
    It’s not controlled, it’s uncontrolled. The figures given by the ONS vastly understated the true number of people on this island at any one time. We can be sure you will be ‘unashamed’ in making the poorest in this society, both native and foreign, to compete with even more low skilled workers from low wage economies. England is the most densely populated country in the EU with millions of unemployed, especially youth unemployed who cannot get into a career because they have to compete with workers from low wage economies while the middle classes careers are not threatened and big business gets bumper profits which are channeled off shore or hidden through accountants.

    “Ah but not the ones that have reinvigorated Jaguar Land Rover and create jobs and wealth for us all”
    Not like those lazy white working class folk? You know, the ones that for generations worked in the industrial towns manufacturing automobiles, planes, steel and consumer appliances.

    “Too many Africans? Well we can send them back apart from the ones who at all levels keep our health service going!”
    Would those be the Somalians with an unemployment rate of 80%? And what about the declining standards of hygiene in the NHS and how many of the foreign workers have poor English?

    “We need immigration not least because the indigenous population is getting older. ”
    The indigenous population has not been totally replaced just yet. There are 10’s of millions of native whites with quite a few decades left.

    “Breed them or invite them in – we have no other choice!”
    So without telling the population politicians have decided upon population replacement, a policy that breaks point c) and d) of the UN definition of genocide:
    (c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
    (d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group

    No choice? There was a choice. You could provide financial incentives and support families to ensure the future of the English, Welsh and Scottish people. Instead you have been Pide Pipers, playing a nice sounding tune (liberal newspeak) as you lead the nest generation of children into despair without their parents knowing.

    We both know this is not economics but cultural Marxism to destroy this countries identity so only a few will oppose forgoing more of our sovereignty and becoming another set of regions in the EUSSR. Your blaize attitude towards a destruction of a nation is high treason. Our homeland, our freedoms and our culture

    What would the men of 1914-1918 say if they saw this country today? Did they fight for a land so the future elite could bastardise it?

    Would you want your grandchildren to go to a school where they are the only white children in a class. Would you want your granddaughter to live in a country where if she is gangraped the police ignore do not investigate to not upset non whites?

    You and the political classes are detached from the hell hole you have created. The debt bubble will burst and I for one hope you are still around so you get to see the true face of these ‘enrichers’.

    Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White countries for…EVERYONE
    White genocide

    (I know you will not allow this comment traitor)

    • richardkemp says:

      Dear ‘Churchill’,

      You have an extreme lack of knowledge of our history. The Vikings came over, the Normans came over, Jewish people from Eastern Europe came over, the French Huguenots came over. They made our Country what it is today. It was the weaving and textile expertise of the Huguenots allied to the Scottish capturing of steam power that led to the industrial revolution which powered our Empire. Let’s face it humankind was born in Africa. The first civilisations were in the Mediterranean. So to some extent we are all African immigrants who came here to find a place to live and work!
      Think I am wrong? A DNA test will tell us just how British you are – or put another way will tell us when your ancestors came over!

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