Preparing for Halloween and Bonfire Night in South Liverpool

A message from Inspector Andy Wignall, Allerton Police Station

Dear All,

Adopt a Street Project

Every year during the bonfire period from 15th October – 7th November many lives across Liverpool are disrupted through anti-social behaviour (ASB). This ASB can be anything from a wheelie bin being stolen and set alight, fireworks put through someone’s letter box or fired at them in the street causing serious harm and injury.

Last year in Liverpool MF&RS dealt with over 1,700 deliberate fires, involving rubbish, skips and wheelie bins. There were also 25 firework incidents where properties were targeted. Although these figures are reducing year on year, I am sure you will all agree that the number of incidents in 2012 is still unacceptable.

These incidents are occurring in your communities, in your street, school, park or local shop.

MF&RS would like your help to try and make an impact in your own community and help to reduce deliberate fires and firework attacks by supporting our Adopt A Street project.

So, what does that mean?
By adopting your street, you are committing to supporting your family and your neighbours by putting wheelie bins away after collection day.

Attached is information and guidance for you to pass on in your street highlighting the need for wheelie bins to be put away in a safe and secure place to prevent it being stolen and potentially used in a deliberate fire.

In 2011 Liverpool City Council replaced over 3,000 wheelie bins at a tremendous cost to us as residents and tax payers.

As a resident you may already be aware of someone in your street who needs some assistance with their bin, or someone who works shifts and doesn’t always manage to put their bin out or away in time. You may also refer any vulnerable neighbours directly through to the Prevention Team who may be able to assist them further, you can do this via;

What do we mean by vulnerable?
Vulnerability means something different to different organisations. To Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service it means vulnerable to being involved in a fire or someone who may struggle getting themselves out of a building in a fire situation. Some examples include extreme mobility, being hard of hearing, language barriers – not able to read fire safety advice produced in English, drug & alcohol users, being elderly and/or living alone and those subjected to hate crime and abuse.

By taking on some additional responsibility for your neighbours and your own family you are contributing towards a feeling of community safety, a sense of ownership within your own community and the realisation that you do have obligations and a degree of power to support others.

By supporting this project you are showing your neighbours that you care about your community and in turn others may start to be pro-active too.
Our aim is to get every street in Liverpool ‘adopted’; not just for the bonfire period but right throughout the year.

Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service staff are supporting this initiative and we would like the Schools Parliament, Liverpool Youth & Play Service staff, Merseyside Police, Registered Providers, Liverpool City Council staff and Ward Councillors to support us also, please pass this onto Residents & Tenants Association Groups or any other interested partners not represented here.

Click on the link below and sign up to adopt your street today.

About richardkemp

Leader of the Liberal Democrats in Liverpool. Deputy Chair and Lib Dem Spokesperson on the LGA Community Wellbeing Board. Married to the lovely Cllr Erica Kemp CBE with three children and four grandchildren.
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