Councillor accused of being the ‘Malcolm Tucker of local politics’

Just to be absolutely clear this is a blog that I have taken from the Liverpool Echo blog site – Dale Street News. I could not do it better and you all might think I was exaggerating if I had written it myself.

What a fine bunch of brothers and sisters the Labour party are in Liverpool! Just in case people accuse me of hypocrisy I have said far worse things about our Cllr Morrison – Tom, our deputy Leader. The difference is that he obviously deserved it!!

19 Aug 2013 10:48
By Liam Murphy

City pair in The Thick Of It over ‘nasty’ voicemail row…listen to the clip in the article
A senior Liverpool councillor has been accused of trying to be the “Malcolm Tucker of local politics” after it was revealed he left an “abusive” voicemail for a junior colleague.

Labour chief whip Cllr Alan Dean faced the accusation of copying the fearsome “spin doctor” played by Peter Capaldi in the TV political comedy, The Thick of It, after he left the recorded message for former Labour councillor Jake Morrison.

It was in response to the news that Liverpool’s youngest councillor planned to step down at the next election, and in the voicemail Cllr Dean is clearly angry.
Audio: Listen to the voicemail message (censored)
After introducing himself as the Labour chief whip, he can be heard saying “What the hell are you doing giving a story like that to the ECHO” and tells Cllr Morrison “you have really p****d on your chips this time mate”.

The next day, April 29, the Echo revealed Morrison planned to quit his role after just one term of office. It subsequently emerged there had been a bust- up between him and Wavertree MP Luciana Berger.
Cllr Morrison was later suspended by the Labour party and announced in June he would quit to stand against Miss Berger at the next General Election in 2015.

Cllr Morrison said this voicemail came at a time when he was vulnerable as he considered his political future, and that the message came before he had spoken out about alleged bullying.
He said: “This voicemail message was sent at a time when I had not spoken out about the bullying.
“The chief whip’s role is not just about punishing people, it’s about supporting people. He’s been around in politics for 20 years, that’s how he speaks to someone who has been in it for two.

“My big battle was and is with Luciana but as time went on Alan was investigating officer for the Luciana complaint.
“I had said to Joe [Mayor Anderson], I wasn’t happy with Alan investigating that complaint because of that voicemail.”
Cllr Morrison said he chose to release the email now because: “As time goes on, I’m getting criticised – people don’t know half the picture that went on in 2½ years and this is something I decided to do to quite clearly outline the way I was treated and something needs to be done about it.
“I just wanted to show people the way I was treated . . . it’s aggressive, it’s nasty, it was bullying as far as I’m concerned.
“He seems to think he’s the Malcolm Tucker of local politics.”

Cllr Alan Dean said he had no comment to make on the voicemail.
He added: “I think people can draw their own conclusions from the fact of the date it was sent and the date it was published and that’s taken so long if he was so offended about it why has he published it so long [after].

“I believe he’s got an ulterior motive in doing so.
“He denied ever receiving it when I asked him why he didn’t respond.”
Cllr Dean also denied that is his typical style as party whip and claimed Cllr Morrison had “stabbed us in the back” after the support the party had given him.

He added: “It’s quite obvious that I left the voicemail message, I don’t deny that, I don’t retract anything I say in it . . .
“I was very angry at the time for what he had done and the way he behaved after all the support he got.”

Cllr Morrison had uploaded the clip to Youtube, and posted it to Facebook, with the message: “Just been clearing up my little desktop and found this voicemail I recorded.

“One for those know-it-alls who like to paint their own little picture about why I left the Labour Party.”

PS. Only joking about Cllr Tom Morrison who is an angel among angels and a first class leaflet deliverer!


About richardkemp

Leader of the Liberal Democrats in Liverpool. . Deputy Chair and Lib Dem Spokesperson on the LGA Community Wellbeing Board. Married to the lovely Cllr Erica Kemp CBE with three children and four grandchildren.
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3 Responses to Councillor accused of being the ‘Malcolm Tucker of local politics’

  1. joedd says:

    The voice mail from Cllr Alan Dean chief Whip is chilling – foul mouthed – out of control poisonous rant towards Cllr Morrison – it can only be seen as extreme bulling.

    An all round nasty council who think it’s acceptable to bully a young inexperience Councillor……[and the public]

    I hope Cllr Morrison makes an official complaint via the monitoring officer and police.

    How fitting Private Eyes description of Liverpool ………….”Murkyside”…………

    Shame on Councillor Dean………….

  2. Mirna says:

    Alan Dean has done this too many times now !!! bullied people in an extremely nasty way he should go. Think the Mayor should be asked to comment about his colleague’s behaviour.

    • agree Mirna – bullying seems to be the norm to Mayor Anderson and his Labour Council – they also bully members of public by ostracising them – unbelievable public servants refuse to communicate with the public…..scary stuff.
      I found Cllr Deans voice mail disturbing and the words fell from his lips with ease. These are the people who are running our city and vote on our lives…..Sigh……….

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