Labour’s consultation shame in Liverpool

I hope that regular readers of my blog will forgive me for returning once again to the subject of Liverpool’s bins and recycling.this time there is a new twist – the shame of Labour’s lack of belief in genuine consultation in Liverpool.

At the last council meeting two linked resolutions were passed relating to this subject.

One part of one resolution said this:

The principle of the introduction of alternative managed waste collection be endorsed subject to :

a). Officers conducting a consultation exercise with the residents of the city.

Further to that the report which was endorsed by council contained the following section:

The Mayor is minded to support Option 3 (fortnightly collections) subject to:

a). Officers conducting a consolation exercise around the potential move to alternative weekly collections.

YET further evidence comes from the resolution which was moved by Cllr Steve Munby which I seconded which said

1a. Officers conducting a consultation exercise with residents of the city around the potential move to alternative weekly collections

Tis resolution was actually written for us by a senior council officer to blend together two existing resolution from Labour and ourselves.

So the principles of this are quite clear to us. The council is minded to move to a potential position of alternative weekly collections but has agreed to consult with people before doing so. We are content with this position. We think that this a serious debate which must be had with the people of Lverpool and it s likely that there may be no other way to increase recycling and reduce cost.

Laboyr’s view is that they have agreed to the and the people of Liverpool will nay be consulted on the implementation of the scheme. Well isn’t that just typical of the Stalinist tendency that Labour have always had in our city. “We know best” they say, ” the little people can only be trusted to make little decisions when we choose”.

Liberal Democrats have embarked on our own consultation exercise and are delivering 40,000 questionairres throughout Liverpool. More than 500 have already been returned either by post or electronically. They reveal widespread opposition t the proposal unless the council answers basic questions about food waste in summer; large families; student areas; vermin infestation. These are questions that the concil MUST deal with before agreeing to any proposal. BUT with a deadline of a final decision being made at a Cabinet meeting in April the council has yet to define a consultation strategy never mind carry it out. Confusion reigns within the senior ranks of the Council’s officer corps. Within 2 hours one officer told me that the consultation could not start until an agreement had been reached with Enterprise PLC whilst anthers fixer told me that it could take place alongside the discussions with Enterprise.

What a shambles. Labour saying one thing and then saying another. Officers spinning around like dervishes not really knowing what to do.

Liiberal Democrats are quite clear about what we will do. We will continue with our consultation. We will use every opportunity to let the council know what Liverpool people think about the proposal and the concerns that they are raising. We will do our best to ensure that those concerns are met before any scheme is implemented – before any change is made.

On a wider political level we will say again and again that what we have in the Town Hall is the same old Labour Party arrogant; aloof and unconcerned about the opinions of the people of Liverpool

About richardkemp

Leader of the Liberal Democrats in Liverpool. Deputy Chair and Lib Dem Spokesperson on the LGA Community Wellbeing Board. Married to the lovely Cllr Erica Kemp CBE with three children and four grandchildren.
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4 Responses to Labour’s consultation shame in Liverpool

  1. Catherine says:

    You’re right of course, if its potential it’s just a possibility.
    But apart from the lack of consultation, there are other aspects of this booklet that are infuriating.
    The figures in it do not bear much relation to the figures in the report to Council the decision was based on.
    And, far worse, they haven’t even started negotiations with Enterprise. They have a contract, and “there will be a need to indemnify the contractor against any additional costs or loss of profit” (report to Council). So where are the savings going to come from? How much can actually be saved? How many jobs will be lost at Enterprise (because that’s what a big chunk of the savings will mean)? Wouldn’t you think they might try and find out how much this particular elephant in the room might cost before making this decision? It sounds like another example of not having a clue about contracts, contract management, and the law.
    This way of doing things is utterly infuriating – getting “sponsors” LDL to use our money to pay for a 12 page full colour booklet full of decisions that have already been made, based on half-baked figures. It’s not even consultation, so what’s the point – PR and spin???
    This isn’t the accountability and getting things done that localism and an elected mayor were supposed to deliver. It’s a demagogue who’s far more interested in slanging matches and puerile publicity stunts than in actually making sure things are being done properly.

  2. Quote from Liverpool City Council website “E-petitions are Liverpool City Council’s commitment to listening to and acting on the views of the public” So please sign my petition at if you wish to retain the weekly collection

  3. John Brace says:

    Surely at the second a) you mean consultation exercise and not consolation exercise? Here on the Wirral we’ve had fortnightly collections for a long time (one week it’s recycling, the other week non-recycling), in fact such a long time that people rarely complain about them (although you do get the odd letter to the press from time to time). The result of the change is to increase recycling rates and decrease costs for the Council.

    • richardkemp says:


      Quite right about spelling. Trying to do a blog on an I-Pad on your lap is not easy. The point here is not about recycling but the council’s inability to consult properly with the taxpayers of Liverpool about a point which concerns them

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