Keeping our Cash in Liverpool

Liverpool as a City creates a lot of wealth. 110,000 people work in our city centre of which only half come from the city itself. 80% of the top earners in the city live outside it.

Inside the city there are loads of small businesses whose owners live here, pay their taxes here, contribute to the community here and need to sell their products here as well as to the wider markets nationally and internationally.

On Monday I went to an excellent business networking event run by Gill Torres. You can find out more about her work and her excellent Down South Liverpool publication at

Next week I will be blogging about how we can and should be helping more entrepreneurs get established and helping them grow to provide jobs for more people. This blog simply asks you to you use these businesses if you possibly can and of course to use the Farmer’s Markets where many of the stalls are also run by local business people. Our local one in Allerton is held every third Saturday near Allerton Library.

For the avoidance of doubt these businesses have not paid or asked me to ‘advertise’ their wares. I am doing so because I want to help local businesses succeed.

So try these for size:

Jersey Treatment Rooms, 123, Allerton Road  – Beauty and Body Treatments

Emily Ross BSc           , 27, Whitehedge Road, Liverpool 19          – Landscape Arcitects

Collective Legal Solutions.   2, Church Road, Liverpool 15 – Financial planning of estates

NS Architects, 82, Druidsville Road, Liverpool 18 – Complete architectural solutions

Sunflowers, 21, Aigburth Road, Liverpool 17 – Supporting people living with cancer

MJF Accountancy, 59a, Booker Avenue, Liverpool 18  – Chartered Accountants

DamianField Architects,    07950 830844 –   Architectural help for projects big and small

Penny Lane Gallery, 38, Penny Lane, Liverpool 18. – Artworks and gifts

Play and Leisure, 01244 546797 Playing areas for parks, businesses etc

PlumSugar 07734 958 233 – Specialising in the supply of confectionery for celebrations and events

Please help these businesses if you need the type of services you provide and remember every time you use a local business the profit stays in our city and gets used again. Use a national company and the profit ends up – well anywhere!


About richardkemp

Leader of the Liberal Democrats in Liverpool. Deputy Chair and Lib Dem Spokesperson on the LGA Community Wellbeing Board. Married to the lovely Cllr Erica Kemp CBE with three children and four grandchildren.
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